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Premier Recap Week 1 - Secret Club lead Group B with 2-0 record
Meanwhile, Group A only saw a single series played.
Written by: Mnmzzz    May 10th 2021 10:20 pm    #ESEAPremierS37 #oNe #Triumph #RBG #PartyAstronauts #Recon5 #GGPR #Mythic #ChocoCheck #ExtraSalt #QcClan #Veloz #SecretClub #ThirdImpact #BigChillin #SKDC #PDHM #CENSRD #paiN  

The first week of ESEA Premier Season 37 has concluded, seeing Secret Club end the week with two wins in Group B while oNe won the sole match in Group A over Mythic's new lineup.

ESEA Premier Season 37 Group A Preview

Secret Club's two wins this week came against the likes of Big Chillin and ChocoCheck. The series against Big Chillin was a relatively one-sided 2-0 win for Secret Club while they initially struggled against ChocoCheck before blowing them out 16-2 on Mirage to win the series 2-1.

Elsewhere in Group B, Recon 5 overcame SKDC in a 2-1 victory to win their season opener despite a strong showing from SKDC while using Hien "HAXX_A" Vo and Armen "armen" Fesliyan as stand-ins.

ESEA Premier Season 37 Group B Preview

Speaking of ChocoCheck, earlier in the week the team claimed a one-sided, 2-0 victory over French-Canadian squad QcClan while Triumph claimed an equally one-sided win over Big Chillin to close out this week's matches.

Some notable matches for the second week of play are:

Matchup Date Time
 nam Extra Salt vs. us Recon 5 May 11th 9PM EDT
 us Triumph  vs. us ChocoCheck May 11th 9PM EDT
 us Mythic vs. us Third May 11th 9PM EDT
 nam Extra Salt vs. ca QcClan May 12th 9PM EDT

Triumph round out roster with motm

The standings at the end of week one look as follows:

The second week of ESEA Premier Season 37 will be live starting tomorrow and can be watched on ESL's Twitch channel.

Mythic complete roster with Slugy

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Waited till after the Power hour so they couldn't default to using the article. Smart
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