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LeX returns to Mythic
It doesn't get more OG than this.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    April 27th 2021 8:10 pm    #ESEA #Premier #Season37 #Mythic #LeX #fl0m #DAVEY #adreN #JoJo #zNf  

LeX returns to Mythic for the first time in nearly two years

Erik "fl0m" Flom has confirmed to that Alexander "LeX" Deily will be the final member of the Mythic lineup for ESEA Premier Season 37. LeX joins the lineup as  a replacement for the recently retired Donovan "zNf" Froid.

zNf retires from CS:GO

Mythic finished ESEA Premier Season 36 in 7-8th place after being eliminated from the playoffs following 2-0 losses to High Coast and Recon 5. Mythic remain a foundational component of ESEA's top league in spite of a roster that is constantly in flux, having been a part of MDL/Premier since Season 25, and having made playoffs in eight of their twelve seasons of play.

LeX last played for Mythic in the open qualifiers for StarLadder Major Berlin in 2019. Prior to his exit from the team in 2019, LeX was a mainstay in Mythic's various iterations over the past eight years, notably being a part of the lineup that broke into ESEA Premier in Season 25. This will be his fifth stint with the brand and the third time that LeX has come out of retirement to play under its banner. 

LeX returns to Mythic roster in place of Laski

Recently, LeX, like many players, has been trying his hand at VALORANT, playing with a number of small teams. Additionally, he has casted a number of events, including the NA top-tier VALORANT Challengers events. LeX also became a father in March.

With the addition, Mythic are now:

  • us Erik "fl0m" Flom
  • ca David "DAVEY" Stafford
  • us Eric "adreN" Hoag
  • us Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez
  • us Alexander "LeX" Deily

Mythic are now all set for the start of ESEA Premier Season 37 on May 3rd.

daf steps down from Mythic; zNf to stand in for immediate future

#1 Mauisnake
2021-04-27 20:14
the personalities on mythic right now are 100 emoji.
#3 JoJo
2021-04-27 21:29
you replacing me???
#4 tolkienfanatic
2021-04-27 22:11
Who could replace your impeccable fashion sense
#2 el_jack0
2021-04-27 20:49
#5 006_tv
2021-04-28 21:12
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