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oSee scores three-peat by topping March player ranking
The Extra Salt AWPer managed a 1.35 rating over 31 maps as his team won every event they took part in.
Written by: Nohte    April 2nd 2021 8:07 pm    #Dust2usMarchPlayerRanking #oSee #Jonji #EliGE #HexT #hate #WolfY #cynic #XotiC #Swisher #Swahn  

The unstoppable oSee has topped each of our monthly rankings since the start of the year

Joshua "oSee" Ohm has dominated our player ranking for the third concurrent month, finishing just above Jonathan "Jonji" Carey with a 1.35 rating over 31 maps en route to first-place finishes in three tournaments.

oSee dominates February player ranking

The events included in determining this ranking include ESEA Premier Season 36, the open and closed qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Spring, DreamHack Open March, VENN Invitational and its open and closed qualifiers, ESEA Spring Cash Cups 1-2, and ESL Pro League Season 13.

Yet again, oSee's AWPing prowess proved key in a dominant month for his team, who successfully scored first place finishes in every single event they attended in March. The team also booked a spot in the playoffs of Premier, finishing second in their group to Bad News Bears despite a 1.33 rating in their final matches from oSee.

Premier Recap Week 7 - Mythic head to playoffs; Bad News Bears end regular season undefeated

The 21-year-old AWPer continued posting stellar numbers as he was the driving force behind Extra Salt finishing first in DreamHack Open March (1.32 rating, 8 maps), the DreamHack Masters Spring Closed Qualifier (1.38 rating, 10 maps), and the VENN Invitational (1.35 rating, 7 maps). The victories also earned the team spots at IEM Summer, DreamHack Masters Spring, and the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, setting Extra Salt up with a gamut of European events in the coming months.

oSee finished just ahead of Jonji in our March player ranking

Finishing just below oSee was Jonji, who continues to dominate in match-ups for Bad News Bears. His 1.46 rating in the final six maps of ESEA Premier was one of the key factors in Bad News Bears ending the group stage with a flawless 8-0 record, with the team also attending two Spring Cash Cups, taking home their third title win in the first while being eliminated in 5-6th in the subsequent event. Michael "Swisher" Schmid was the team's second best performer over the course of the month, averaging a 1.16 rating to end the month in ninth place.

Notably, Jonji's absence was most definitely felt by Bad News Bears in DreamHack Open March, a tournament in which he was only able to play the opening series for his team before undergoing a mandatory quarantine period in a hotel upon returning to Canada, resulting in their elimination during the group stage.

Extra Salt win VENN Invitational; advance to BLAST Premier Spring Showdown

Jonathan "ElIGE" Jablonowski also had a fantastic month, mustering a 1.34 rating in DreamHack Open March despite Liquid's 3-4th place elimination. The American rifler didn't lose a step upon returning to Europe for Pro League either, putting up a 1.29 rating over ten maps and helping score a crucial win over in Liquid's final matchup, where he averaged a 1.58 series rating to end the month in third place - admittedly against much higher calibre opposition on the other side of the pond.

Jadan "HexT" Postma also impressed in his appearances, specifically standing out in DreamHack Open March, but also putting up a concerted effort in ESEA Premier, where he is currently the sixth-highest rated player with more than ten maps played with a 1.30 rating. His performance in the final six maps of RBG's Premier campaign were crucial in helping his team book the final playoff spot out of Group B, but RBG will face stiff competition as they are set to take on Bad News Bears in their opening match on April 12th.

Premier Recap Week 8 - Oceanus, High Coast, Triumph, Rebirth, RBG clinch playoffs

A pair of Levitate players, Nicholas "hate" Young and Christopher "Swahn" Swahn also made the list, ending the month in fifth and tenth place, respectively. Notably, both players had their overall rating bolstered through strong performances against ImPerium and Secret Club in the second VENN Invitational open qualifier, but were unable to notch a win in the main event following losses to Extra Salt and ChocoCheck.

Towards the bottom half of the rankings, Secret Club's Adam "WolfY" Andersson managed a sixth place finish, while Zack "XotiC" Elshani and David "cynic" Polster both ended the month with 1.16 ratings, playing the most number of maps among the top ten with 38 and 40, respectively.

Triumph add cynic on trial

2021-04-03 16:39
How come the activity is so low here, the content in the articles are great.
#2 Muenster
2021-04-03 20:05
oSee big chitter, thank god he's going to EU now the rest of us will stand a chance
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