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oSee dominates February player ranking
A 1.46 rating over 25 maps sees oSee top our rankings for the second consecutive month.
Written by: Nohte    March 9th 2021 11:34 pm    #Dust2usFebruaryPlayerRanking #2021 #oSee #cynic #WolfY #CLASIA #FaNg #Cooper #HexT #EliGE #jeorgesnorts #tweiss  

oSee had an incredible month and played a key role in Extra Salt's success

Josh "oSee" Ohm has topped our February player ranking, averaging an incredible 1.46 rating across 25 maps as he helped Extra Salt to first place finishes in two ESEA Cash Cups and a flawless 5-0 record in ESEA Premier Season 36.

oSee surveils January player ranking list

The events included in determining this ranking include ESEA Premier Season 36, ESEA Cash Cups 5-6, the qualifiers for DreamHack Open March, the groups for BLAST Premier Spring, and the Play-In stage and main event of IEM Katowice.

oSee's stellar performance was the key behind an incredibly successful month for Extra Salt, who won eleven series in a row while dropping just three maps in the process. The team scored two series wins over Triumph and took down Oceanus 16-0 on Train, while also qualifying for DreamHack Open March following a flawless run through the upper bracket that saw them take down Oceanus, Recon 5, and RBG.

No players were able to contest oSee's supreme rule over February

Triumph's latest addition, David "cynic" Polster, was February's runner-up, making a case for himself on Recon 5 as he put up a 1.25 rating over 24 maps.

Triumph add cynic on trial

Although Recon 5 failed to win the fifth Winter Cash Cup over Extra Salt, cynic was a stand-out performer in all of the team's other appearances, with them only narrowly missing out on a spot in DreamHack Open March following a consolidation final loss to RBG. Tyler "tweiss" Weiss also scored a 1.17 rating, edging into the ranking in tenth place over GGPR's Evan "Creed" Dao, and just below Jeorge "jeorgesnorts" Endicott.

Secret Club's Adam "WolfY" Andersson and now-former member Anthony "CLASIA" Kearney put up 1.22 and 1.20 ratings, respectively, although the former managed his performance over a larger range of maps - 23 to CLASIA's 17, with the latter player notably being removed from the team's roster near the end of the month.

Secret Club remove CLASIA and FrostayK; SLIGHT returns to the fold

Justin "FaNg" Coakley also played a key part in Extra Salt's success, putting up a 1.20 rating to tie with Triumph's Austin "Cooper" Abadir for fifth place. Just below the pair was the only other Canadian player on the list, RBG's Jadan "HexT" Postma, while Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski averaged a strong 1.18 rating against top tier European opposition, with Liquid exiting IEM Katowice in 3-4th place.

Extra Salt punch ticket to DreamHack Open March

#1 Mauisnake
2021-03-09 23:38
he's unfair
#2 Nohte
2021-03-09 23:39
It's just unreasonable isn't it
#3 Noot_CS
2021-03-09 23:46
Hes too good at this video game
#4 Muenster
2021-03-10 00:41
Elige slacking big time
#5 Joe
2021-03-11 11:41
n1 osee
#6 bleghfarec
2021-03-15 22:47
i believe in oSeepremacy
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