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Russian Canadians bring back vek and castro; add KmZ
The team are hopeful that Melio will return to CS:GO as their fifth.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    December 28th 2020 6:38 pm    #RussianCanadians #RUNnGUN #ESEAMDLS35 #ESEAMDLS36 #J0LZ #vek #castro #KmZ #Melio #AAustiN #Saturn #battery #NewEnglandWhalers #VALORANT #Way2French have learned that Alex "vek" Voynov and Wayne "castro" Einarsson will return to Russian Canadians for MDL Season 36.

The team's Season 35 campaign came to an abrupt end in the first round of playoffs after vek and Ian "battery" Yates did not show up to their match against New England Whalers. This followed castro's departure from the roster several days earlier, forcing the roster to utilize backup Austin "AAustiN" Urb.

Whalers, Mythic, Secret Club and oNe secure wins in MDL Season 35 playoffs opening round

Despite the unceremonious conclusion of last season, the reunion doesn't come as much of a surprise, given that the trio of David "J0LZ" Jolin, vek, and castro have participated in recent ESEA Cash Cups under the moniker RUNnGUN, along with Ezekiel "KmZ" Hughes, Khizar "MoMo" Rehman and Cedric "Melio" Perrault. Ironically, the team's run in one of cups ended with an overtime defeat at the hands of New England Whalers. have been told that KmZ is set to join up with the revamped project, while Melio is the most likely candidate to round out the roster "if he decides to make the move back to CS." The French Canadian has spent the latter half of 2020 focusing on VALORANT with Way2French, and most recently Prospects.

Not returning to the roster, notably, is Dylan "Saturn" Finch, who told back in November that he "would love to rebuild the roster with J0LZ."

Saturn: "I don't feel like North American players are putting that much effort into [getting to the top]"

Russian Canadians are currently:

  • ca David "J0LZ" Jolin
  • ca Alex "vek" Voynov
  • ca Wayne "castro" Einarsson
  • us Ezekiel "KmZ" Hughes

Should Melio join up, it would reunite the core of the Oceanus roster that placed 5-6th in Advanced Season 32, and would go on to reach MDL through Relegation.

ESEA MDL Season 36 is set to begin on January 18th, followed by the qualifier for DreamHack Open January qualifier on the 20th.

battery issues statement on Russian Canadians situation

#1 iMarbot
2020-12-28 22:33
I miss Swedish Canadians
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