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At the very least North America is guaranteed to have Swisher and BOOBIE in the grand final with Yeah.
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The first day of our Masters FPL Cup 1 has concluded and though everyone left standing is in prize money territory, the three teams that remain in contention will all see different payouts based on tomorrow's results. Yeah and get5 played their semifinal match earlier today with the Brazilian/American squad advancing to the grand final, while the two other remaining teams, paiN and Triumph, will play their semifinal match tomorrow.

Russian Canadians pick up Saturn

A number of noteworthy teams fell in the rounds prior to the quarterfinals, including ESEA MDL Season 35 sides Rugratz, Secret Club, Rebirth, and Russian Canadians. The latter were ironically eliminated by Advanced side Revenant, from whom they just picked up Dylan "Saturn" Finch.

The get5 mix were the surprise of the event, making a run that started with them taking down DUB3A 16-0 with just four players while Fernando "chuti" Luis Planchart was away from the keyboard. They followed up on that opening result with full strength wins against Counter Nature, Rebirth, and KameHameHa prior to losing to Yeah in the semifinal.

paiN opened their campaign with a 16-0 of their own against TroquePeek, then won much closer games against Rugratz and Revenant to secure their semifinal berth. The other remaining side, Triumph, dispatched Moniseum, Absolute Leverage, and Kinship.

FACEIT announce list of organizers for FPL Cups

Yeah wrapped up the first semifinal with a prompt 2-0 sweep, as get5 managed just six rounds on Mirage and four on Dust2. Youngster Eduardo "dumau" Wolkmer led the way for the majority Brazilian side on the opening map of Mirage with 21 kills, while Michael "Swisher" Schmid spearheaded the multi-continental effort with 20 frags on Dust2.

The Masters FPL Cup 1 standings so far are:

    1. world TBD - $2,000
    2. world TBD - $500
3-4. world TBD - $250
3-4. us get5 (sam, pwny, dangle, chuti, RdR_Crimson) - $250
5-8. us KameHameHa (MASOR1, Fr3nk1e, 4Dr3aM, Eells_, Fukulabich)
5-8. us ImPerium (Wilky, carterJ, EllisoN, heretic, cuze)
5-8. us Revenant (Ajaxz, amen, notorious, Spoice, florgy)
5-8. us Kinship (naes, ara, chop, Swahn, grape)

The entire event bracket can be found here.

Two best-of-three series remain as the event draws to a close. The fun will continue tomorrow with:

us Triumph vs. br paiN 9PM EDT
br Yeah vs. world Triumph/paiN TBD

Kinship win NACCS FPL Cup 1 in convincing fashion

#1 notorious
2020-10-18 11:35
Was fun to play :D
paiN is nuts
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