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ex-Recon 5 reforms roster with valens, FugLy, and wippie
With Reality and neptune moving to VALORANT, ex-Recon 5 have rebuilt their roster with a number of veterans.
Written by: Mnmzzz    August 20th 2020 6:00 pm    #ESEAMDLS35 #ex-Recon5 #FugLy #wippie #valens #Reality #JazzPimp #jet- #neptune  

After 18 seasons, valens makes his return to MDL

ex-Recon 5 have overhauled their new roster ahead of the start of ESEA MDL Season 35 with a new trio consisting of Soham "valens" Chowdhury, Jacob "FugLy" Medina, and Maxim "wippie" Shepelev.

Recon 5 release team

The changes to the lineup come as Riley "Reality" Fusch has confirmed to that he has stepped down from ex-Recon 5 to focus on VALORANT. Although Jason "neptune" Tran has not responded to multiple requests to comment, he also seemingly made the move over to VALORANT, recently joining a team alongside a number of former CS:GO players.

As for the new additions to the team, valens is the largest name to join the MDL lineup, with the major-winning coach playing this season while also acting as the head of data science for Evil Geniuses. valens told that his goal for this lineup is to teach the younger players high-level CS:GO and to not optimize their play for the lower level of competition in MDL. This move also marks valens' reunion with Jet "jet-" Gao, with the duo having played together on Savage during ESEA Advanced Season 33. 

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The addition of FugLy is another interesting prospect, as the veteran support player has been without a team since February when he was released from Envy. Interestingly, this also marks his first season of MDL, having made the leap to professional CS:GO prior to the creation of the division.

Rounding out the roster is wippie, who has been also been without a team for an extended period, having last played with Rugratz for a week in May. At the time, wippie told that he wanted to look for a more serious project moving forward, having seemingly found it with valens and co.

ex-Recon 5's roster for ESEA MDL Season 35 looks as follows:

  • us Dominic "JazzPimp" Dimpfel
  • us Jet "jet-" Gao
  • us Soham "valens" Chowdhury
  • us Jacob "FugLy" Medina
  • ru Maxim "wippie" Shepelev

This roster is expected to make its debut in ESEA MDL Season 35, which is set to begin on August 31st.

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#1 iMarbot
2020-08-20 18:07
FugLy and valens??????????
#2 006_tv
2020-08-20 19:47
Didn’t expect to see valens playing in mdl
#3 el_jack0
2020-08-22 01:55
Roster debuts in this weekends cash cup!
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