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tweiss announces Rugratz rebuild with mada
The duo are exploring the possibility of picking up three new players for the upcoming MDL season.
Written by: Nohte    July 26th 2020 5:22 pm    #ESEAMDLS35 #Oceanus #Rugratz #tweiss #mada #zander #Hunter  

Tyler "tweiss" Weiss has taken to Twitter to announce that he and Adam "mada" Pampuch will be taking over the Oceanus roster spot from Alexander "zander" Diaz, looking to rebuild for the upcoming season of MDL.

mada departs Oceanus

The news follows the departure of Erik "penny" Penny for Triumph, a move that was hinted at by mada in a tweet on Thursday when he announced his own search for a team. When contacted zander regarding the future of the Oceanus roster, he had said that he and Joshua "Hunter" Madore would "pug the season" if tweiss would join them, with zander intending to play VALORANT simultaneously. 

However, both tweiss and mada are opposed to the idea of pugging the season, and have instead chosen to take over the roster spot and rebuild a competitive lineup with three new players. The duo are in search of players with MDL experience, and intend to play the season under the Rugratz banner.

When contacted by, tweiss explained that he and mada are contemplating picking up three new players, or playing the requisite eight matches required to hold on to the roster before giving it up to other players. "It’s very tough to find players to return to the same caliber of play that we had the last 3 seasons," he went on to say. "It was deflating to lose penny, and it’s hard to find enough replacements that are capable given the crippling of the scene because of VALORANT."

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Currently, Rugratz consists of:

  • us Tyler "tweiss" Weiss
  • ca Adam "mada" Pampuch

The team will have plenty of time to find new players as MDL Season 35 is set to get underway in over a month's time, on August 31st.

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