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Quartet of Advanced teams see changes as division enters playoffs
Kinship, Supernova, and 26 Rising are currently competing in playoffs while Grazur finished three wins out of contention.
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With ESEA Advanced Season 34 playoffs underway and the season rapidly approaching its conclusion, Grazur, Kinship, and Supernova, and 26 Rising are some of the notable squads that have seen changes over the past three weeks.

ESEA Advanced Season 34 Playoffs Power Ranking

On June 17th long-time Grazur member and alumni Max  "SolGoat" Wallace stepped down from the team. The squad went on to miss out on Advanced playoffs, finishing the season with a 7-9 record.

As such, Grazur's current lineup consists of:

  • us Kyle "1Kyle" Kaiser
  • us Max "Makzwell" Sparrey
  • us Dalton "doltn" Ehlers
  • us Drew "Drewtheshrew" Lamb

Although they failed to make playoffs, Grazur secured enough wins to guarantee their spot in ESEA Advanced Season 35 which is set to begin sometime after the player break.

Next up, Kinship replaced VEIN with Sean "naes" Fontaine on June 25th. naes is no stranger to Kinship, having been a part of the lineup for most of May and half of June before being replaced on the starting five by Anthony "CLASIA" Kearney.

With this change, Kinship are currently:

  • us Koby "kobruh" Higgs
  • us Connor "chop" Sullivan
  • us Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield
  • us Anthony "CLASIA" Kearney
  • us Sean "naes" Fontaine

Kinship are currently in the lower bracket of Advanced playoffs following a 2-0 loss to Thunder Logic in upper bracket round two.

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The lineup that formerly played under Ekasi have found a new home ahead of the start of playoffs. After being released from Ekasi on June 27th the squad briefly played as EternaL before signed by Supernova on June 30th.

This marks the Supernova organization's return to Advanced after their previous roster disbanded following numerous players leaving to join ex-Polar Ace.

Supernova are now:

  • us Fadi "Fade" Al-Najjar
  • us Royal "royalG" Gong
  • us Adnan "RsN" Nasir
  • ca Tonny "f1ukie" Liu
  • ca GianFranco "Koalanoob" Potestio

Rounding out this season's changes, The Survey Corps have also found a new home, being signed by 26 Rising on July 2nd. 26 Rising have hosted a number of North American rosters, and were known as V8 before undergoing a rebrand in late June.

26 Rising are now:

  • us William "rin" M.
  • us Nicholas "prex" Cheung
  • us "ralph"
  • us Alexander "knightmare" Sozzi
  • us "Poison"

26 Rising are currently set to face off against Hyper in lower bracket round two, coming off of a close 2-1 win over SKDC last night.

Update: has learned that following 26 Rising's loss against Thunder Logic, Poison stepped down from the team. 26 Rising will be using Tyler "Shibal" Ingram as a stand-in for the remainder of playoffs.

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