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4pack joins blood, sweat, and tears' VALORANT roster
He won't be in completely unfamiliar territory as this team features many of his CS:GO teammates.
Written by: Mnmzzz    June 16th 2020 7:34 pm    #ESEAMDLS34 #blood,sweat,andtears #4pack #pao #poised #XotiC #shanks #retchy #Marved #tropiiical #Asuna #Kanpeki #  

Kevin "4pack" Przypasniak has joined the blood, sweat, and tears' VALORANT roster, picking up additional duties alongside many of his CS:GO teammates.

4pack originally linked up with the blood, sweat, and tears lineup in December, notably helping the squad qualify to ESEA MDL Season 34. 

The move comes as a result of Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk being signed to Immortals' VALORANT roster, leaving a spot open in blood, sweat, and tears' VALORANT lineup.

Asuna rounds out Immortals VALORANT roster

The blood, sweat, and tears roster in CS:GO consists of the following players:

  • ca Ryan "shanks" Ngo
  • ca Sebastian "retchy" Tropiano
  • ca Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen
  • ca Kevin "poised" Ngo
  • us Kevin "4pack" Przypasniak
  • us Daniel "tropiiical" Elshani
  • us Zack "XotiC" Elshani
  • ca Paolo "pao" Lope

Meanwhile, with 4pack on the team, the blood, sweat, and tears VALORANT lineup has the following members:

  • ca Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen
  • ca Kevin "poised" Ngo
  • ca Ryan "shanks" Ngo
  • us Eric "Kanpeki" Xu
  • us Kevin "4pack" Przypasniak

In CS:GO, blood, sweat, and tears' next outing is against Levitate tonight at 10 PM EDT.

Octet of MDL teams proceed to second day of cs_summit 6 qualifier

#1 006_tv
2020-06-18 00:08
Players playing 2 games at same time, dang
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