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FPL-C Recap: curry and PureR moving on up
There will be two new faces in FPL in December.
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curry's 67% winrate helped him edge out PureR

The final week of FPL-C for November has concluded, seeing former Party Astronauts and Hysteria member Malick "dangle" Abid claim first place. Close on his heels was Dylan "Hiki" O'Kane, who ended the week by winning seven matches in a row to claim second place.

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The top ten players from the past week are as follows:

Rank Player Points Prize
1. us Malick "dangle" Abid 1,140 $1,250
2. us Dylan "Hiki" O'Kane 1,110 $600
3. us Koby "kobruh" Higgs 1,078 $300
4. us Anthony "dawn" Hagopian 1,076 $200
5. us Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk 1,068 $150
6. us Nolan "bite" Hunstad 1,054  
7. us Brian "BlueSky" Wortman 1,052  
8. us Bryce "PureR" Lovell 1,042  
9. us Chris "Slash" Petersen 1,038  
10. us Liam "Welshy" Newhouse 1,036  

The full leaderboard can be seen here.

The top ten was filled out by a duo of Advanced playoff players in the forms of Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk and Bryce "PureR" Lovell, whose teams are both still alive in the bracket.

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The final standings for the month of November in FPL-C are:

Rank Player Points Prize
1. us Rahul "curry" Nemani 1,300 FPL
2. us Bryce "PureR" Lovell 1,284 FPL
3. us Liam "Welshy" Newhouse 1,260  
4. us Malick "dangle" Abid 1,220  
5. us Dylan "Hiki" O'Kane 1,218  

The monthly leaderboard can be seen here.

The standings did not shift all that much from last week, with curry, PureR, and Liam "Welshy" Newhouse retaining their top three positions. While Welshy played an impressive 134 matches (still far less than Josh "JoshRT" Lee's whopping 215 matches), curry and PureR were able to hold onto the top two spots by virtue of their better winrates.

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