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Seaside brings clear skies to Clarity
The Advanced playoff team adds a coach to the equation.
Written by: Boggs    November 13th 2019 6:06 pm    #Clarity #Seaside #mada #chop #grape #aris #naes #variance #ESEA  

Clarity have added another piece to their roster by enlisting the coaching services of commentator Keith "Seaside" LaFortune.

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Clarity finished the regular season of ESEA Advanced with a 12-4 record, earning themselves a sixth place spot in the standings and a decent seed heading into the double-elimination playoffs. On the way to their placement in the top sixteen, Clarity faced some adversity against fellow playoff teams Rebirth, ETHEREAL, and Faint, with their only other loss coming in a close defeat to New England Whalers. The core of the roster, grape, naes, mada, and chop, have been together since June of this year.

Seaside has experience coaching Advanced rosters in the past, including Variance during their rise to MDL. He later moved to an analyst position for the team before eventually stepping down earlier this year in search of a new coaching opportunity, which he has now found with Clarity as the team look to impress in playoffs.

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The updated Clarity roster is as follows:

  • us Brennan "grape" Greer
  • us Sean "naes" Fontaine
  • ca Adam "mada" Pampuch
  • us Connor "chop" Sullivan
  • ca Paul "aris" Wilson
  • ca Keith "Seaside" LaFortune (coach)

Clarity are set to play their first playoff match tonight against Precision at 9:00 PM EST.

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#1 highskillplayer
2019-11-13 18:22
really should mention he's also a caster tbh
#2 tolkienfanatic
2019-11-14 00:53
"the coaching services of commentator Keith "Seaside" LaFortune."
#3 honeybunch
2019-11-14 03:34
"before eventually stepping down earlier this year ub search of a new coaching opportunity"

hire me as proof reader
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