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WINNERS League Season 3 Invite Week 1-2 Recap: Faint and Rugratz lead the pack
Season three has gotten off to a relatively quick start as a number of top teams have climbed the leaderboards.
Written by: Mnmzzz    November 6th 2019 1:24 am    #WINNERSLeague #FACEIT #ATK #Mythic #Ascent #INTZ #BigFrames #Faint #MAC-51 #Singularity #BushidoBoyz #RiotSquad #eUnited #oNe #CLGRed #Ben'sAnimeTeam #Monstars #WhateverItTakes #Rugratz #SwolePatrol #TheQuest #NewEnglandWhalers #LiViD #RapGang  

The first two weeks of the WINNERS League Season 3 Invite have come to a close, with every group having played at least one match thus far.

Swole Patrol field wrath, oderus, kaboose in WINNERS League opening matchup

Starting off with Group A, ATK and Mythic currently top the group with two wins each. As for MDL squad Big Frames, they currently sit at the bottom of the leaderboard following losses to Mythic and Ascent. In Group B, Faint have surprisingly secured the top spot after picking up upset wins against Riot Squad and Bushido Boyz. This week also seemingly saw Hyper forfeit their spot in Group B as they currently have a 0-7 record.

Group C was the least busy of all the groups, with eUnited currently sitting at the top after notching wins against iNTACT and CLG Red. Finally, over in Group D Rugratz and Swole Patrol are getting off to a strong start with three wins and two wins, respectively. 

boltz replaces DeStiNy on INTZ

Group A W-L Group B W-L
us ATK 2-0 us Faint 3-0
us Mythic 2-0 us MAC-51 2-0
us Ascent 1-0 us Singularity 2-0
us Defy 1-1 us Good Game PR  2-1
ca Oceanus 1-1 us Bushido Boyz 1-1
br INTZ 0-1 us Riot Squad 1-1
us Big Frames 0-2 us Rebirth 1-2
us Clarity 0-2 us Hyper 0-7
Group C W-L Group D W-L
us eUnited 2-0 us Rugratz 3-0
br oNe 1-0 us Swole Patrol 2-0
us CLG Red  1-1 us The Quest 1-0
us iNTACT 0-2 us Triumph  1-1
us 7Sins  0-0 br New England Whalers 1-2
us Ben's Anime Team 0-0 ca LiViD 0-1
us Monstars 0-0 us Rap Gang  0-1
us Whatever It Takes  0-0 us Dignitas fe  0-3

Some notable matches scheduled for this week are:

Matchup Date Time
us Ben's Anime Team vs. br oNe Nov. 6th   11PM EST
us Rap Gang vs. us Swole Patrol Nov. 6th 11PM EST
us Riot Squad vs. us Bushido Boyz  Nov. 7th  8PM EST
us Singularity  vs. us Faint  Nov. 7th  9PM EST

Singularity set to field Zellsis in WINNERS League tonight

#1 006_tv
2019-11-06 22:53
Want to see more of Faint, never heard of em before.
#2 mdn
2019-11-07 14:25
the god himself cxzi plays on that team
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