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Underwatch heads to day two
Four teams are left standing at the LAN event in Boston.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    October 6th 2019 11:57 am    #Underwatch #NCS2019 #Vatic #NerdStreetGamers #NortheastMayhem #witmer #sfX #NewEnglandWhalers  

witmer looking up from the lower bracket

The first day of the Underwatch NCS Last Chance Minor has completed in Boston, with just four teams remaining of the initial nine.

New England Whalers bring back Torres

It didn't take long for some major upsets to occur, with Shawn "witmer" Taylor and Jasper "sfX" Ko's Northeast Mayhem being cast down to the lower bracket after a 16-7 loss to Frontline in their first match. This was quickly followed New England Whalers suffering a close 16-14 loss to NoVa Squadron.

Fortunately, both teams were able to survive the lower bracket, though Northeast Mayhem were given a scare by Toilet Crushers. As such, the first and third seeded teams will face off against each other in the fourth round of the lower bracket.

9 RWS Quad Awpers win Underwatch Boston NCS Minor

In the upper bracket, Daryl Carries Everybody, featuring Rap Gang's Kevin "4pack" Przypasniak and Jet "jet-" Gao, and the newly-signed Vatic roster remain undefeated, with the former only surrendering seven rounds across two maps thus far.

The full bracket is available here.

Play will resume later today, and you can catch the action on Balance Patch's Twitch.

Quartet of MDL sides make changes

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