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J Money Crew win Fragadelphia 13
WARDELL shows that he's still got it alongside former Bee's Money Crew teammates.
Written by: Tony    September 16th 2019 3:46 pm    #Fragdelphia13 #JMoneyCrew #NewIdentity #Monstars #WARDELL #BMC #ESEAMDLS32 #ThunderLogic  

kaboose brought the trophy home for J Money Crew with a massive performance on Nuke in the grand finals

The three-day Fragadelphia 13 LAN has come to an end with J Money Crew sweeping New Identity in the best-of-five grand final, with the team fighting through tense matches in the championship bracket to take the lion’s share of the $27,500 prize pool.

Fragadelphia 13 hits playoffs

After reaching playoffs on Saturday, the first few rounds of bracket play concluded without many upsets, with Advanced squad Triumph notably falling to Intermediate team The Gaming Stadium 2-1. Continuing on through the bracket, Thunder Logic’s run was cut short by Monstars after a dominant 16-5 victory on Nuke for the MDL squad. Not long after, Monstars were sent down to the lower bracket after an incredibly close series against J Money Crew, with Jason "neptune" Tran's side edging out a 2-1 victory.

On the other side of the bracket, New Identity made quick work of heX, picking up a close 16-12 win on Nuke before battering them 16-2 on Overpass. 

ex-heX find a new home with Faint

A preview of the final that we would soon see between New Identity and J Money Crew came early in the upper bracket finals, with the New Identity gang performing a reverse-sweep to recover their 16-8 Dust2 loss. A 16-6 win on Mirage followed by a 16-9 victory on Nuke in favor of New Identity locked their place in the finals.

Fragadelphia 13
Best of three maps
New Identity
2 - 1
J Money Crew
de_dust2 8 - 16 de_dust2
de_mirage 16 - 6 de_mirage
de_nuke 16 - 9 de_nuke

With that result, J Money Crew and the Monstars would meet once again in the consolidation final to see who would face New Identity for the grand prize. With their tournament lives on the line, the matchup saw less contention than the first as a 2-0 win for Matthew "WARDELL" Yu and co. left more to be desired from the Monstars and promised yet another rematch, this time for the $16,500 first-place prize.

Fragadelphia 13
Best of three maps
J Money Crew
2 - 0
de_mirage 16 - 12 de_mirage
de_nuke 16 - 13 de_nuke
de_inferno de_inferno

EMUHLEET: "You don't learn from winning over-and-over, you learn from making mistakes"

Glancing back at the upper bracket final, most would have pinned New Identity as the favorites to take the grudge match with confidence, but it was J Money Crew instead who would exact revenge and take home the title of champion.

New Identity’s one map advantage did very little to help matters, with the Bee’s Money Crew-Esque mix simply overwhelming the MDL team, not allowing even one map to come through.

The series started off poorly for New Identity, with the squad dropping Dust2 16-9. Following this, New Identity  put on a slightly better showing on Mirage, however J Money Crew managed to pull ahead and claim the map 16-13. With just one map separating his team from victory, Jake "kaboose" McDonald put on a master-class performance on Nuke, scoring 137.3 ADR and a 2.39 HLTV rating. He, alongside the rest of JMC dominated on T-side, winning the half 11-4 before closing out the map 16-5.

Fragadelphia 13
Best of five maps
New Identity
1 - 3
J Money Crew
de_default de_default
de_dust2 9 - 16 de_dust2
de_mirage 13 - 16 de_mirage
de_nuke 5 - 16 de_nuke
de_inferno de_inferno

WARDELL: "I'm not ready to play for a team that isn't going to compete in tier one events"

The top 18 for Fragadelphia 13 are:

1st. us J Money Crew (neptune, Laski, bee, kaboose, WARDELL} — $16,500
2nd. us New Identity (seb, Relyks, wrath, dazzLe, dapr) — $7,000
3rd. us Monstars (tex, Swisher, ReckMONSTER, witmer, RIKO) — $2,750
4th. us Thunder Logic (cxzi, sfX, vSa, Oderus, Ange) — $1,250
5-6th us Rebirth
5-6th. us heX
7-8th. us Big Rods
7-8th. ca The Gaming Stadium
9-12th. us nTice
9-12th. us Mount Olympus
9-12th. us idc go next
9-12th. us Precision
13-16th. us Kinesis
13-16th. us Shyboiz
13-16th. us Stomps Money Crew
13-16th. us No Namers
17-18th. us ClearVision
17-18th. us Triumph

Big Frames bulk up with c4lypso in place of Nurfed

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