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Rickeh raises ire of teammates with TwitLonger
The Australian AWPer lamented his team's poor performance and his discomfort with his recent roles.
Written by: Mnmzzz    August 31st 2019 6:45 pm    #Rickeh #Complexity #dephh #oBo #StarLadderBerlin #StarLadder #NewChallengers  

Rickeh is the latest NA player to succumb to TwitLonger flu after a poor performance

Following their disastrous 1-3 exit from StarLadder Berlin Major New Challengers stage and a tweet by owner Jason Lake hinting that changes are likely coming to Complexity, Ricardo "Rickeh" Mulholland has released a TwitLonger about his feelings on the team.

In the aforementioned TwitLonger, Rickeh wrote that how after nearly a year with the squad he believes that the rosters never "gelled properly" due to competing ideologies on how to play the game and not "utilizing our players strengths".

In particular, he discusses how he is uncomfortable playing a "support/anchor rifler but also dedicated entry fragger" role within the team as he would rather be a secondary or primary AWPer.

In one portion he mentions that the team would tell him not to buy an AWP "90% of the time", with his displeasure on the decision getting so high that:

as of late I would just not listen and buy it anyway and I know for a fact it made certain people really uncomfortable.

NRG secure spot in New Legends; FURIA and Complexity eliminated from StarLadder Berlin Major

After talking about how he would ignore the team when they told him not to AWP, he later also argues that he "accepted [the roles] given to [him]" although he also laments the fact that "who is playing the worst statistically" is often pointed to as a team's problem. It is worth mentioning that Rickeh is that player as he currently sits with a 0.95 rating for the past three months.

In the closing section of his TwitLonger, he says that although he has disagreed with the way the team has been handled, "none of this is complexity's [sic] or the players fault". Additionally, he supports Complexity's efforts to make their team better "regardless of [his] situation if [he is] kept on the roster or not. "

ShahZaM confirms keita as Complexity coach

Following the publication his TwitLonger, teammates Rory "dephh" Jackson and Owen "oBo" Schlatter responded with the following:

It is currently unknown what Complexity's plans are, however they will have to act quickly as they are set to compete in the DreamHack Masters Malmö Closed Qualifier in less than two weeks on September 11th. 

DreamHack announce Malmö qualifier dates

#1 parks2214
2019-08-31 19:17
Anthony isn't wrong
#2 DiSCO
2019-09-03 16:04
in fact, he's right
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