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Just Swing remove Dolzy; weigh replacing Slash
The recently promoted MDL squad are naturally looking to make changes.
Written by: Mnmzzz    August 9th 2019 9:11 am     #ESEA #ESEAMDLS32 #MDL #Dolzy #Slash #kuba #JustSwing #jcrueL #Axed #Winsum #absolutemadlads #Front #cxzi  

Slash's future with Just Swing is looking precarious

With the start of MDL Season 32 looming, Just Swing have joined the myriad number of teams making changes as they have parted ways with Jake "Dolzy" Amendola. Additionally, the team are also exploring options for potentially replacing Chris "Slash" Petersen.

Bushido Boyz and Just Swing secure final MDL Season 32 spots from Relegation

Dolzy was the team's most recent addition to the squad, coming in on a permanent basis for Jakub "kuba" Matyskiewicz. With Dolzy, Just Swing managed to narrowly make MDL after besting absolute mad lads to claim one of the last Relegation spots. 

As for Slash, the former Front player originally came into the squad as a replacement for Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk. has been informed that his tenure with the team will continue on a trial basis for the time being.

As such, Just Swing's roster for the moment is:

  • us Joel "jcrueL" Cruel
  • us Tommy "Axed" Ryan
  • us Ryan "Winsum" Johns
  • us Chris "Slash" Petersen (Trial)

Just Swing await the beginning of MDL Season 32, which is set to begin on September 2nd.

Just Swing add Slash; two new Dogs of War

#1 DiSCO
2019-08-09 09:23
aaaa what the fuck why is everything blue
#2 iMarbot
2019-08-09 09:23
cos they didnt close the image/caption tags i think, I dm'ed the author but he's offline
#3 DiSCO
2019-08-09 09:26
supremely unlucky
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