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New Identity and Mode qualify for ESEA Proving Grounds
The two teams traversed the bracket to make it to the $5,000 event.
Written by: ElGancho    August 5th 2019 11:53 am    #ESEA #ProvingGrounds #Lowkey #NewIdentity #obs1dian #Relyks #dapr #dazzLe #vek #fiziq  

New Identity and Relyks didn't even have to play the last match of the qualifier

Yesterday's third ESEA Proving Grounds qualifier saw New Identity and "Mode" (formerly and briefly known as imperial) qualify for the main event.

Stay Frosty claim third ESEA Proving Grounds seed after eUlarity forfeit finals

The first two rounds of the qualifier concluded quickly with most of the favorites going forward in the bracket. The third round, however, saw Bushido Boyz being eliminated by the Advanced side of Mode led by Alex "Obs1dian" Conrad. In the Round of 16 a Party Astronauts formulation featuring Rahul "curry" Nemani and Malick "dangle" Abid were knocked out by ESEA Main team High-Velocity, who beat them 16-14 on Mirage.

Bath Water Bandits and Mode won their quarterfinal matches against High-Velocity and the Drove Here From Cali mix, respectively. The other two matches were more interesting as New Identity narrowly beat ex-heX 16-13 on Dust2, and Kansas City Pioneers went to all thirty rounds before edging out InFinity 16-14 on Nuke.

Mythic Cup 4 hits semifinals

The first semifinal saw another close game between Mode and Bath Water Bandits with the former securing the win on Inferno. The second semi saw Kansas City Pioneers fall short to New Identity, as they were only able to garner nine rounds on Mirage.

Just as in the second qualifier, the final match of the qualifier was not played, as Mode forfeit the game and left the fifth seed to New Identity.

With the conclusion of the third qualifier, the team list looks like this:

ca LiViD us Variance
us Stay Frosty us eUlarity
us New Identity us Mode
nam Qualifier #4 nam Qualifier #4

There is still one qualifier and two spots remaining in the main event, with sign-up information available on the Calendar.

Cache update to premiere at ESL One New York

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2019-08-06 12:36
my boy seb qualifying for another event
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