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effys ready to RUNnGUN again
The former Grizzlys/On Lance roster has been resurrected.
Written by: SolGoat    July 30th 2019 6:50 pm    #KOLER #J0LZ #miLLe #effys #RUNnGUN #ESEAAS32 #ESEAS31 #M3lio #cardiac #StrongLegs   

effys is ready to return to ESEA following his year long ban

Nearly a year ago Loic "effys" Sauvageau received a one year ban from ESEA for a "gambling violation" following a match vs Forty Six and 2. However, with the ban expiring at the end of August, effys is looking ready to make his comeback alongside his countrymen on RUNnGUN. 

ESEA issues match fixing bans to effys, cardiac; cuts ties with StrongLegs

RUNnGUN looked ready to give up at the end of Season 31 as, despite their 10-6 record and playoffs on the horizon, internal issues led to the team leaving the Grizzlys organization and finishing the season out as On Lance. Furthermore, most of the roster announced they would be looking for other opportunities for Season 32.

The team's first round loss to Dogs of War and David "J0LZ" Jolin's move to Rugratz seemed to add more nails to their coffin. But, with J0LZ's departure from Rugratz this week, the team looks ready to bounce back.

RUNnGUN have managed to retain the majority of their Season 31 roster with Michael "miLLe" St-Pierre and Yannick "KOLER" Blanchette staying on with J0LZ. Cedric "M3lio" Perrault will also be returning to his former team after being replaced by Anthony "gMd" Guimond on LiViD following the team's promotion to MDL. 

Grizzlys lose team; roster set to dissolve after Season 31

Rounding out the roster is effys, who has done his best to remain active despite his ban a year ago. The past year saw effys win the Dreamhack Montreal BYOC with FRENCH CANADIANS, qualify for the WESG Canada Regional Finals, and win LAN ETS back in February. effys most recently played on teams such as FRENCH CANADIANS, Ghost Academy, and Really Old People. 

When asked about the team's goals and his personal expectations, effys told us the following:

Making MDL is the goal so that we can have two French Canadian teams that can compete on a decent level and help the Quebec scene grow, which has been pretty bad in recent times. As for myself, I just want to be as good a leader as possible so that I can help my teammates grow and reach their full potential, which is imo pretty huge.

FeelsBenchedMan win LAN ETS

RUNnGUN have already played their first matches with the help of CLG Red coach Stephan "vEz" Vezina as a stand-in for effys, winning the first DreamHack Canadian Championship qualifier 2-0 over LiViD. 

RUNnGUN have the following roster:

  • ca Yannick "KOLER" Blanchette
  • ca Michael "miLLe" St-Pierre
  • ca David "J0LZ" Jolin
  • ca Cedric "M3lio" Perrault
  • ca Loic "effys" Sauvageau

On a related note,  Victor "cardiac" Kwan and Roy "StrongLegs" Ahad were both handed one year bans alongside effys, so will likewise see their bans expire on August 23rd. 

Rugratz kick J0LZ, Bibby heads to greener pastures

#1 Skelly
2019-07-30 19:35
team looks pretty nuts ngl
#2 DiSCO
2019-07-30 22:54
kinda do
#3 006_tv
2019-07-31 17:13
Stronglegs coming back too?
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