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ATK and Rugratz secure final MSI MGA closed qualifier spots
A dominant debut with motm saw ATK cruise through the qualifier.
Written by: Nohte    July 27th 2019 9:29 pm    #MSIMGA2019 #ATK #Rugratz #FinalFeature #TheQuest #NewIdentity #PeekersAdvantage #nambla #Envy #RiotSquad #Lazarus  

motm powered his team to a win in the semifinals, topping the board with 134 ADR

The final MSI MGA qualifier has concluded with ATK and Rugratz securing the last two slots in the closed qualifier. A total of 50 teams participated in the last qualifier, with the second iteration fielding 47 teams and the first featuring 57.

New Identity, Peeker's Advantage, and nambla through to MSI MGA Closed Qualifier

Featuring a modified lineup with the addition of Ian "motm" Hardy, ATK had a flawless run through the bracket, denying any of their opponents double-digit rounds on their road to a spot in the top two. Final Feature met them in the semifinals, but found themselves unable to break through ATK's defense on Dust2 as the majority-South African side secured a 16-2 victory. Notably, ATK worked their way through opposing seeds in perfect order, first defeating the 32nd seeded team before going on to notch wins over seeds 16, 8, and 4.

MSI MGA 2019 North America Last Chance Qualifier
Best of one map
Final Feature
2 - 16
de_dust2 2 - 16 de_dust2

On the opposite side of the bracket, second seed Bushido Boyz were not so lucky, initially notching wins over Cursed Ascension and Tiny Meat Gang to secure a spot in the quarterfinals. There, they met Alexander "zander" Diaz's Rugratz, who had been given a deceivingly low seed at 26, allowing them easy wins in their two opening matchups before they dispatched of Bushido Boyz 16-5 on Nuke to secure a spot in the semifinals.

ATK set to play with motm in final MSI MGA qualifier and beyond

Their opponents were none other than The Quest, featuring Matthew "mCe" Elmore as a stand-in for Gabe "Spongey" Greiner. The team had worked their way through the bracket by notching an early 16-2 victory over Good Game PR before defeating Man I Love Fragging 16-4. mCe and company's first true contention came in their quarterfinal matchup against Variance, with the team fighting back from a 6-9 opening half to edge out the victory 16-13.

The semifinal between Rugratz and The Quest proved to be nowhere near as close, with zander's side managing eight rounds on the T-side on Overpass before giving up just a single round following the side swap for a 16-8 victory. zander topped the board for his side with 23 frags, although a trio of his teammates in Joshua "Hunter" Madore, Erik "bul" Penny, and Paytyn "Junior" Johnson were not far behind with 19 to each of their names.

MSI MGA 2019 North America Last Chance Qualifier
Best of one map
16 - 8
The Quest
de_overpass 16 - 8 de_overpass

The complete team list for the MSI MGA closed qualifier is:

us Envy us Lazarus
us Riot Squad us New Identity
us Peeker's Advantage us nambla
za ATK us Rugratz

$60,000 MSI Masters Gaming Arena set to return to ESL One New York

The MSI MGA closed qualifier will play out in a single-elimination best-of-three bracket on August 10th, with the champion earning a spot at the $60,000 Grand Finals at the Barclays Center during ESL One New York on September 29th.

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