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ESEA announce Proving Grounds
The $5,000 online event is set to run in the off-season before Season 32.
Written by: Mnmzzz    July 16th 2019 6:30 pm    #ESEA #ProvingGrounds #ESEAS32 #ESEAS31   

With the start of Season 32 still more than a month away, ESEA have announced a new event called the Proving Grounds which will see eight teams in six regions compete for various cash prizes. In North America in particular, teams will be facing off to secure the lion's share of a $5,000 prize pool. This prize pool is a result of ESEA deciding to end support for Team Fortress 2 leagues on their platform and redirect the prize money to CS:GO.

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Running during the upcoming player break, which is set to run from July 22nd to August 18th, Proving Grounds will give teams a chance to stay in form and try out their new rosters before Season 32 is set to begin on August 30th. 

The first of the four qualifiers are set to begin next week on July 21st with two teams earning spots in the main event. ESEA have incentivized teams to compete in the early qualifiers by making the seeding for the main event tied to a team's finish in the qualifiers. So, for example coming in first place in the first qualifier grants the highest seed for the main event, while second place gives the second highest seed and so on.

Here are the registration links for each of the four qualifiers:

As always, you can use the Calendar to keep on top of events in North America.

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#1 iMarbot
2019-07-16 18:39
nice? rip tf2 doe
#2 006_tv
2019-07-16 22:25
very very nice, shame the money has to come out of the pockets of TF2 though. I remember a lot of people really liked the game.
#3 DiSCO
2019-07-17 12:25
the league was pretty dead outside of invite tbf
#4 006_tv
2019-07-18 22:40
Ah, didn't know that, thanks for updatin me. That's a real shame.
#5 DiSCO
2019-07-19 00:32
it do

im routing for Froyo to win because they're on a 10 season winning streak
#6 ird
2019-07-19 14:08
Is this another Global Challenge like thing where teams from different regions face off against each other? Cause I'm down to see NA eat another dick
#7 Nohte
2019-07-19 19:34
No, it's essentially an online cup with a bunch of open qualifiers to qualify during the off-season
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