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bee steps down from Ghost; starting roster down to three
In pursuit of finishing his education, Ghost's team captain moves to a managerial position.
Written by: devil    November 30th 2017 1:00 pm    #Ghost #bee #seb #wardell #CONNOR93 #wrath #floppy #horvy #EPLS6 #ESEAMDLS26  

Ghost was formerly known as Bee's Money Crew before they were acquired by the multi-gaming organization.

Founding member of Ghost, Phong "bee" Nguyen, will be stepping down from an active role within the team and will be placed into a manager position as he seeks to put more focus on his education.

With his departure, Ghost will be utilizing players João "horvy" Horvath of Immortals and Ricky "floppy" Kemery in their upcoming matches this weekend. The team has also been using the help of Rogue's Collin "wrath" McSweegan, but he will be unavailable over the weekend.

Rogue replacing wrath; seek emergency roster move for EPL relegation

floppy out of Torqued

Amidst an almost constantly shifting roster, Ghost has been struggling to put up solid resultswith a 4-22 record and last place finish in ESL Pro League Season 6, which saw them automatically demoted to ESEA MDL for the upcoming season. There was a small ray of sunshine as they recent took a map off of SK Gaming in ECS, but they are likely facing relegation in that league as well.

As of now the official roster for Ghost is as follows:

  • ca Connor "CONNOR93" Glover
  • us Sebastian "seb" Bucki
  • ca Matthew "Wardell" Bowman
  • us Phong "bee" Nguyen (Manager)

Ghost will be participating in the upcoming CyberPowerPC Extreme Gaming Series Winter 2017 which will take place online December 2-3. The first opponents they will face is SoaR — a team who, along with Rise Nation, are looking to fill the spot vacated by Ghost in ESL Pro League Season 7.

#1 sinistersnare
2017-11-30 13:05
I have never seen an EPL team be so goddamned inconsistent with their roster. Neptune's situation is understandable, but that is one guy, not the dozens that have been under this organization in the past 2 seasons.
#3 CS_CeeJ
2017-11-30 13:27
It's very unfortunate considering how much promise some of these players have shown.
#2 Marnyr
2017-11-30 13:17
Is this a real professional team?
#4 woKaa
2017-11-30 18:28
Bee is a good player, he really should have been the last player to step down
#5 006_tv
2017-11-30 19:53
Well, again, I don't know how to feel about this, but I do believe Bee is better as a manager/coach than a player.
He hit some really sick shots and made a few clutches, but even though he had some creative strats, the roster just kept shifting. They need a even better IGL like Steel.
Even though I gave him some lip, thanks Bee. Won't forget that Ghost was first BMC.
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