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Ange and co. stub their toes on the way out of Front
The team now have another problem as they look for a new organization for the remainder of Season 31.
Written by: Mnmzzz    May 23rd 2019 9:36 am    #Front #Bwills #Ange #genghsta #djay #jet #curry #Skelly #ESEAMDLS31  

Less than 24 hours after completing the rebuild of their roster with the addition of Brendan "Bwills" Williams, Front have released their MDL team, with the squad now going by the name Ange's Big Toe on ESEA.

Front complete roster with Bwills

The team have struggled greatly to find form this season, with them currently sitting at the bottom of the MDL standings with a 0-5 record. This combined with multiple player changes led to Front deciding to pull the plug on the whole project, has learned.

As Ange's Big Toe try to recover their season, they will also be in the process of looking for a new organization. It should be noted that at their time of departure from Thunder Logic, a representative of the organization told that they were "fighting to get our roster back once their new contracts are up."

Thunder Logic leap to Front

Now homeless, Ange's Big Toe have the following roster:

  • ca Adam "Ange" Milian
  • us Amgalan "genghsta" Nemekhbayar
  • ca Jonathan "djay" Dallal
  • us Jet "jet-" Gao
  • us Brendan "Bwills" Williams
  • ca Cameron "Skelly" Thomson (Coach)

The team will be fighting to claim their first win of the season later today, as they are set to take on FURIA at 9 PM EDT.

Front lose jmoh; hope to take off with jet

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