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Special Needs and Jaguar win ESEA Open divisions
The Open division saw numerous familiar faces playing on unfamiliar accounts.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    April 8th 2019 6:45 pm    #ESEA #ESEAOS30 #ESEALatAmS30 #SpecialNeeds #Jaguar #Denial #BRUNO #EPLS9  

Strings didn't try to hide his alt account very hard

ESEA Open and Latin America Open concluded last night, seeing Blake "Strings" Stringer's Special Needs squad take down Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg's Aim High.

SRC win ESEA Main Season 30; top sixteen teams qualify for Advanced

Aim High put up a decent fight on Inferno, but Ethan "SlaySmile" Mcfarlane led Special Needs to a 16-12 victory. On Nuke, it was former CLG Academy man Tyler "Char" Wallace who put up the big numbers for Special Needs, helping them mount a lockdown defense in the second half to secure a 16-7 map victory.

For their troubles, Special Needs have been promoted to Advanced Season 31.

Strings parts ways with Infamous

The top placing teams in ESEA Open Season 30 are as follows:

1. us Special Needs (Strings, Char, BlueSky, Chilled_Dan, SlaySmile) - $1,950
2. us Aim High (Mauisnake, rongcho, kAdrix, sideways, poisinmunkee) - $1,300
3-4. us GGetapritxe (MisakaMikoto, JohnnyZ, 4DreaM, Salmon, P1n0) - $975
3-4. us Kurrupted Minds (SiM, Panda, BRIGGS, h8tred, Tubba) - $975
5-8. us Minimum Effort (sosa, Antwon, Sensor, GRAG, RGAR) - $325
5-8. us UnpredictablyPredictable (L1me, Acrim, guanyu, moogs, WildBeefSteak) - $325
5-8. us Masters Champs (RUSSELL_WESTBROOK, flavor, vipe, moechilla, ?) - $325
5-8. us Reconciled (SANSON, bobbytux, Toad, mirth, mesmer) - $ 325

FNS set to leave CLG, academy team being dropped

Things followed much the same pattern in the Latin America final, with novacancy allowing Jaguar a comeback victory on Cache, which was followed up by a decisive victory for the majority Pro League-bound squad on Inferno. Newly-signed Denial member Julio "VAATI" Jimenez did much of the heavy lifting for the South American squad.

The top placing teams in ESEA Latin America Open Season 30 are:

1. co Jaguar (sickLy, sam_A, VAATI, burn1ng, nezi) - $700
2. co novacancy (zeroJ, KuhN, slow7, nolan1z, mitiS) - $420
3-4. world Cyclone Ninja (Slayerhz, AidenkG, kick, Pulpa, Doni) - $140
3-4. world Anunnaki (Draxido, Yotes, sina, LeytoN, AimBrain) - $140

Denial pounce on Jaguar

#1 KP_fps
2019-04-08 19:05
how is it allowed for strings to just play on an alt and farm open idgi
#2 nguyen
2019-04-08 19:17
pro players smurfing in open ? sad
#3 BlueSky
2019-04-08 19:32
Pro players LUL
#4 trogdor
2019-04-11 04:23
Why do they feel the need to run a poll about qualifiers when this is happening?
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