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Forty Six & 2 look even further South, recruit spamzzy
With the departure of Gonnak, Forty Six & 2 are no longer a majority Mexican team.
Written by: Mnmzzz    February 5th 2019 7:39 pm    #Gonnak #spamzzy #Forty Six & 2 #ESEA #MDL #WESG #ETHEREAL #flashstep #Sneaky #Jindoke #fdeN #Snimothys Money Crew #Team Mexico #SecretAgent #chuti #MarKE  

spamzzy returns to a Spanish speaking squad following the conclusion of his time with ETHEREAL

Following a disappointing start to the MDL season with back-to-back losses to Singularity and iNTACT, 46&2 have swapped out Adrian "Gonnak" Arguello for Colombian player Andrés "spamzzy" Correa. has learned that Gonnak stepped down from the roster due to a combination of work and school commitments. This move comes less than a month after the team made large-scale changes by bringing in Guatemalan duo Javier "cruzN" Cruz and Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa. 

With the departure of Gonnak, David "spaydeR" Esquerra is the sole remaining member of the 46&2 team which qualified for the MDL after winning Season 27 of Open back in early 2018. Additionally, the departure of Gonnak marks a change for the team as they are no longer a majority Mexican squad.

Forty Six & 2 look South to complete their roster

Replacing the outgoing Gonnak is the ex-VAULT player spamzzy who has joined his Latin American compatriots following a very brief stint with the American ETHEREAL squad.

Forty Six & 2's roster is now:

  • mx David "spaydeR" Esquerra
  • mx Francisco "k1Nky" Alvarez
  • gt Javier "cruzN" Cruz
  • gt Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa
  • co Andrés "spamzzy" Correa
  • mx Jose "SecretAgent" Fernandez (Coach)

chuti returns on Forty Six and 2

Over on ETHEREAL, with the departure of spamzzy, the team has suffered another blow to their roster following the departure of David "Sneaky" Polster on Sunday when he rejoined slashLEVEL.

Additionally, Corey "flashstep" Parks also packed his bags last night and has since rejoined his former CheckSix colleagues on Make War Not Love. These moves leave ETHEREAL in a bit of a bind as Dennison "fdeN" Fong also expressed his intent to leave last night.  

When reached out for comment, fdeN stated he is currently looking for a new team, however he intends to stay with the team until that happens.

Regardless, the team have added Jin "Jindoke" Park to assist the team in retaining their spot in Advanced in preparation for fdeN's eventual departure. Along with this they have brought in the relatively unknown names of JONSEY and Ryze and decided to rename the team to Snimothys Money Crew.

Snimothys Money Crew is for the moment:

  • us Dennison "fdeN" Fong
  • us Sol "snim" Min
  • us Jin "Jindoke" Park
  • us JONESY
  • us Ryze

robby joins Lowkey amid other Advanced roster changes

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2019-02-05 19:49
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Money Crews are the best crews
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