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Beacon roster disbands; future uncertain
Beacon housed a trio of young players who will be looking for new homes before the start of next season.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    November 19th 2017 12:15 pm    #Beacon #ESEA #ESEAMDLS26 #ESEAMDLS27 #MAiNLiNE #GRAMPZ #C0NVICT #tyfoon #agM #tconnors #ryan  

The move was officially announced on the organization's Twitter yesterday, after several members of the team had made "looking for team" announcements of their own.

Beacon began their life as a new team in strong form, starting the ESEA season with a clean 5-0 record. They would wind up making playoffs as one of the low seeds, and lose to SoaR in decisive fashion after swapping Michael "MAiNLiNE" Jaber for Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic.

Beacon cut MAiNLiNE; add tyfoon

Beacon's roster at the close of ESEA MDL Season 26 was:

  • us Ryan "GRAMPZ" Baber
  • us Kyle "C0NVICT" Battell
  • us Ryan "ryan" Welsh
  • us Thomas "tconnors" Connors
  • ca Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic
  • us Michael "agM" Abood (Coach) knows that ryan especially has garnered interest from other MDL sides as we head into the offseason and teams are looking to bolster their rosters for Season 27. Fellow youngsters tconnors and tyfoon are also likely to have teams take looks at them, as both put together respectable seasons in their first Premier campaigns.

Beacon's next match was scheduled to take place later tonight in the lower bracket of CEVO Main playoffs, it is unknown if the team will play it out now. knows that ryan is currently on vacation, so former member MAiNLiNE would have to play the match, as well as coach Michael "agM" Abood due to pre-playoff roster locks.

Whatever happens, there will certainly be more to this story, as Beacon were seen looking to get in contact with Brett "few" Sheffield later yesterday after the announcement — likely seeking answers on how to retain their league spot after the majority of the roster was cut from the ESEA roster by MAiNLiNE.

The remaining players on the aforementioned roster are currently only MAiNLiNE and longtime running buddies Ryan "GRAMPZ" Baber and Kyle "C0NVICT" Battell.

#1 tconnors
2017-11-19 12:22
#2 Martin
2017-11-19 13:24
Should have given it more time.
#3 agm
2017-11-19 13:36
#6 tolkienfanatic
2017-11-19 20:23
I appreciate you
#4 bowman
2017-11-19 17:06
operation: get foon back to premier starts now
#5 dylan0
2017-11-19 20:15
Rest in piece tconnors
#7 jam
2017-11-19 22:22
damn didnt tyfoon just join too?
#8 tolkienfanatic
2017-11-19 23:24
Yep. The article is linked ;)
#9 jam
2017-11-20 18:06
yeah i read that when it was released! i'm so glad there's a site that covers all the MDL roster moves.
And my comment was more of a surprised thing because they added him and then disbanded within like a week.
#10 lanhero
2017-11-21 11:10
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