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Report: eUnited look to scoop up Cooper-
The Abadir brothers will no longer be (e)United.
Written by: Nohte    November 1st 2018 2:15 pm    #eUnited #SwolePatrol #ESEAMDLS29 #EPLS8 #Relyks #Cooper- #FNS #moose #dapr #dazzLe #freakazoid #swag #MarKE #Zellsis  

No longer cooped up in MDL

eUnited are looking to make another change to their roster by adding one half of the Abadir duo, pulling Austin "Cooper-" Abadir out of MDL to replace former in-game leader Skyler "Relyks" Weaver, has learned. The team recently added Pujan "FNS" Mehta to replace long-time member Brandon "Ace" Winn, resulting in Relyks moving to the AWPing role on trial.

eUnited bring in FNS; Ace benched

That trial now appears to be nearing its end as the team are looking to add Cooper- as their main AWPer, although knows that eUnited intend to close out ESL Pro League Season 8 as well as attend both IEM Chicago and DreamHack Open Atlanta with their current roster. 

Cooper- has been a part of the Swole Patrol core since he linked up with his brother Ryan "freakazoid" Abadir for local LANs such as Fragadelphia 10, with both Abadirs going on to join up with Morior Invictus for MDL Season 26. It wasn't long until the brothers crossed paths with Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro on Muffin Lightning, the trio of whom went on to become the original Swole Patrol roster.

freakazoid and Cooper- leave Morior Invictus, to join Muffin Lightning

With Cooper-'s imminent departure, Swole Patrol are left scrambling to find a fifth player to close out their MDL season. has learned that the team will start to try out new players later tonight, but are not settled on a roster as of yet. Their decision will have to come quickly as MDL rosters will lock on November 4th, and with the team only just returning from EPICENTER Moscow, they'll be on a time-crunch if they hope to trial a multitude of players.

Swole Patrol narrowly missed out on a slot in EPL after falling to eUnited in the MDL Season 27 grand finals, with Cooper- himself ending the series with 60 frags and a +22 K-D despite the loss. The team later went on to beat Torqued in the EPL Relegation tournament, but ultimately fell short to the ex-Splyce roster that formed the current core of Envy.

ex-Splyce retain Pro League spot, Swole Patrol return to MDL

With the addition of Cooper-, eUnited's roster would look as follows:

  • ca Kaleb "moose" Jayne
  • us Will "dazzLe" Loafman
  • us Michael "dapr" Gulino
  • ca Pujan "FNS" Mehta
  • us Austin "Cooper-" Abadir
  • us Jared "osorandom" Hartman (Coach)
  • us Brandon "Ace" Winn (Inactive)
  • us Skyler "Relyks" Weaver (Inactive)

eUnited are out of contention for a spot at the ECS Season 6 LAN finals, but still have a shot at making it to Odense for EPL. They currently sit in sixth place with an 8-11 record, with just two matches remaining against Luminosity. Both wins would be crucial as compLexity and INTZ both still have chances to oust eUnited from the final LAN qualification spot.

Swole Patrol currently reside in seventh place for MDL Season 29, putting up an 8-0 flawless record thus far. Just over two weeks remain for the team to complete their remaining 11 matches for the league, and as they are set to attend WESG USA Regional Finals from November 9-11th, that time is cut short even further. Both Swole Patrol and eUnited will also play in the IEM Katowice Americas Minor closed qualifier from December 6-14th, aiming to snag one of six spots at the Minor in Katowice.

Cooper: "We threw away our opportunity [to make Pro]"

UPDATE: Swole Patrol have signed up to the PLG Grand Slam North America Open Qualifier with Ian "motm" Hardy in the team.

#1 Jakeski
2018-11-01 14:20
Nooooooo :(
#2 Frog
2018-11-01 14:24
Gotta say, not a big fan of this one... Swole Patrol were starting to do pretty well, Cooper- and fREAKAZOiD are gonna be seperated, sad to see Relyks benched and the timing just seems terrible...
#3 parks2214
2018-11-01 14:31
I don’t understand why he would do it when Swole are favourites to go to Pro league next season anyways. On the flip side I can see either Ace or Relyks going to Swole Patrol. Brax can always pick up the awp to though. Interesting overall though, I wonder if 4D chessmaster FNS is trying to do something.
#4 Dictat0R
2018-11-01 14:37
Expected from an FNS team. Still hope that relyks and ace can find a team to toss bombs and fuck moms with.
#5 006_tv
2018-11-01 15:00
#6 WallehZz-4LO
2018-11-01 15:46
this aint it chief
#7 Lumsen
2018-11-01 17:37
#8 Joe
2018-11-01 17:50
:\ Definitely not a fan of this move.
#9 Joe
2018-11-01 18:16
#10 Joe
2018-11-01 18:36
Freak said he's quitting SP after this season
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