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MDL Week 6 Recap - Singularity reaches the peak
Mythic falls to second as Singularity poises themselves for a top seed.
Written by: bleghfarec    October 28th 2018 3:23 pm    #ESEA #ESEAMDLS29 #Singularity #Mythic #Bravado #SwolePatrol #cantwinalan #Spacestation #oNe #Infamous #OldGuysClub #TestTakers #Vault #Excelerate #Vision #ex-Velocity #Blight #ETHEREAL #FortySix&2 #ThinkOutsidetheBox #Deadnitas  

MDL continues onward into its seventh week, with the self-aware gang rapid evolving, eventually putting them at the top of the leaderboard with a 10-4 record and a +77 round-difference.

MDL Week 4 Recap - Changes come in after eight matches played

After being recently sponsored by a European organization, Singularity have taken the crown for the time being. However, Singularity may be upended in the coming weeks, as the Brazilian oNe dominated the gang on Overpass 16-3, hampering the team's momentum just a smidge. 

This week saw the stream teams Mythic and Old Guys Club clash on Inferno, with the club of old guys taking down the also-fairly-old Mythic club. Old Guys Club saw similar results against Vault and Think Outside the Box, shooting them up to 10th in the leaderboard, even with a loss to Bravado.

Hindsight is 20/20: Vision replace Spongey with... motm?

Having recently undergone some odd roster changes, Vision's struggle to find their footing in MDL continues, with the team falling to 14th this week. The team played only one game this week against cantwinalan, with the team with no LAN wins taking Mirage in a 16-12 game. Vision currently sit even with a 6-6 record, but with matches against oNe and Swole Patrol coming up next week, the future does not bode well for the former MDL finalists.

ben1337 & REZU pass the extrance exam; Toy & Slemmy leave Test Takers

The aforementioned unsponsored and newly-reformed cantwinalan found two dominant wins this week against two sponsored teams in the form of and Vision. Bringing on the former Dignitas player Mitch "m1tch" Semago, the team look to rapidly climb up the rankings, with the team already up in fifth, overcoming notable teams such as Spacestation.

Spacestation have made themselves out to be one of the most anticipated teams this season, with some expecting them to qualify for Pro League. However, that hype has been hampered slightly with this weeks results, as the squad came under two crushing defeats this week, with Singularity dominating the airborne squad 16-4 and Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue leading to a narrow 16-14 win against Spacestation. As a result, the team have dipped slightly in the leaderboard, falling to sixth.

4pack out of cantwinalan; mitch returns

Some important matches that are set to be played next week include:

Matchup Date Time
us vs. us Old Guys Club Oct. 30th 10PM EDT
us Excelerate vs. us cantwinalan Oct. 31st 10PM EDT
us Mythic vs. us Swole Patrol TBA

This past weeks results make the standings look as such:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 us Singularity 14 10 4 +77 30
 us Mythic 11 9 2 +66 27
 za Bravado 11 9 2 +60 27
 us Swole Patrol 8 8 0 +86 24
 us cantwinalan 11 8 3 +52 24
 us Spacestation 12 8 4 +31 24
 us 12 8 4 +27 24
 br oNe 13 8 5 +55 24
 us Infamous 13 7 6 +4 21
 us Old Guys Club 9 6 3 +1 18
 us Test Takers 10 6 4 +12 18
 co Vault 11 6 5 +6 18
 us Excelerate 11 6 5 +7 18
 us Vision 11 6 5 +24 18
 us ex-Velocity 12 5 7 -30 15
 us Blight 13 3 10 -51 9
 us ETHEREAL 10 2 8 -38 6
 mx Forty Six & 2 9 1 8 -30 3
 us Think Outside the Box 13 1 12 -65 3
 us ex-Dignitas 19 0 19 -304 0

International squads and through to DreamHack Open Winter Closed Qualifier

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