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iNTACT add Will; Spongey filling in
The once-promising team are at 80% strength.
Written by: Baltybaby    October 27th 2018 8:50 am    #iNTACT #ESEAAS29 #Noxio #Rich #Shakezullah #turismo #optimus #swahn #FinalFeature #Spongey #Will #Mentality  

Turismo will be getting some new teammates

After the release of both Sam "Noxio" Goodwin and Ali "optimus" Mashhour, iNTACT look to increase their ranks back to five with the addition of Rich "Rich" Sylvestri's old SMAZING teammate William "will" Cheng. ex-Vision player Gabe "Spongey" Greiner has also been seen playing for the team, though he has told that he is merely biding his time waiting for MDL offers to arise.

Hindsight is 20/20: Vision replace Spongey with... motm?

will has recently been spotted playing with Joel "jcrueL" Cruel's squad Glockoma in the Gfinity Spring Series in their best of three against Dignitas fe, and is probably most known for his time during Season 24 playing for SMAZING, before he was later kicked when the team would become FlipSid3 Academy.

Spongey finds himself teamless after his worst statistical start to an MDL season he's played in, as he had yet to even eclipse 20 frags until his final match with Vision. Despite the poor start to Season 29, Spongey boasted a +106 K/D from Season 28, which is sure to draw attention.

iNTACT fracture further; release optimus

With the permanent and temporary additions, iNTACT's roster is:

  • us Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman
  • us Christopher "Swahn" Swahn
  • us Michael "Turismo" Haas
  • ca William "will" Cheng
  • us Gabe "Spongey" Greiner (Stand-in)
  • us Rich "Rich" Sylvestri (Coach)

iNTACT were signed up for the DreamHack Open Winter open qualifier, however did not participate. The team's next taste of Advanced action will see them playing Final Feature and Mentality.

Mundle and dangle make their final features, shonk debuts

#1 cuze
2018-10-27 09:21
+forsaken smh
#4 Will
2018-10-27 11:11
i asked if u wanted to join u said no shaking my head
#8 Frog
2018-10-27 12:53
smh my head
#2 Frog
2018-10-27 10:22
Is that our will?
#5 Will
2018-10-27 11:11
hell yea brother
#7 Frog
2018-10-27 12:53
Get 'em good brother man!
#3 Will
2018-10-27 11:09
im so good
#6 Joe
2018-10-27 11:41
that aint you, that will has a lowercase w :thinking:
#13 Will
2018-10-28 04:23

#9 shrek
2018-10-27 13:41
#10 verizon
2018-10-27 14:24
will cheng good player
#11 parks2214
2018-10-27 17:15
But does Spongey stay when they make MDL?
#12 Super_Dragon
2018-10-27 19:07
feels good will is on a real team now
#14 Will
2018-10-28 10:34
ive been waiting so long
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