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MDL Relegation bracket reseeded as XFORCE drop out
Prepare thine ears for complaints about reseeding.
Written by: Nohte    August 27th 2018 9:53 pm    #ESEA #ESEAMDLRelegationS28 #Glockoma #MakeWarNotLove #BigFrames #oNe #XFORCE #Hysteria #Geostorm #Vikings #FortySixandTwo #WhateverItTakes #TheFundamentals #Infamous #subtLe #ETHEREAL #VAULT #ex-Atmosphere  

Here come the complaints about last-minute reseeding

ESEA have reseeded the bracket for the upcoming MDL Relegation tournament after learning that XFORCE does not plan to field a roster to fight for their slot in MDL. The news comes just a day before the start of the tournament, seeing 14 of the 15 teams up against new opponents. 

Glockoma round out MDL Relegation team list

With XFORCE out, the bracket has been reseeded by bumping up each team originally seeded below XFORCE up by a seed. This means that MWNL, who had the top seed, are granted a bye to advance to the second round of the upper bracket. The change also has the knock-on effect of splitting up the controversial matchup between oNe and Big Frames, who already played in the grand finals of ESEA Advanced Season 28 with oNe emerging with a dominant 2-0 win.

With these changes, the eight matchups for the first round of MDL Relegation are as follows:

us MWNL (1) vs.         BYE
us ETHEREAL (9)  vs.  us Big Frames (8)
us Infamous (5) vs.  us Geostorm (12)
us Whatever It Takes (13)   vs.  us Vikings (4)
mx Forty Six and 2 (3) vs.  co VAULT (14)
us Hysteria (11) vs.  us subtLe (6)
br oNe (7) vs.  us The Fundamentals (10)
us Glockoma (15) vs.  ca ex-Atmosphere (2)

FURIA and myRevenge qualify for Advanced Season 29

MDL Relegation for Season 28 is set to kick off tomorrow at 9:30 PM EDT, and will run until September 1st. The double-elimination best-of-three bracket will see five teams claim a spot in MDL Season 29, while the remaining 11 will be relegated to Advanced. 

#1 Kuba
2018-08-27 22:03
easy fucking pussy can't wait to get cut
#4 agony
2018-08-27 22:11
give kuba his mdl badge
#2 Joe
2018-08-27 22:06
I guess this is better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
#3 bowman
2018-08-27 22:09
#5 aproto
2018-08-28 00:52
#6 tolkienfanatic
2018-08-28 08:07
Obligatory Droid meme video -
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