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Tokyo in Tulsa LAN announced with $6,000
$6000 will be up for graps in Oklahoma in July
Written by: CarbonDogma    June 14th 2018 5:13 pm    #MidwestCS:GO #AZIO #FakeOut #TokyoinTulsa  

MidWest CS:GO and Midwest eSports have come together to host a $6000 LAN event to be held in the Cox Business Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Tokyo in Tulsa anime convention on July 14th and 15th.

The tournament will cap at 16 teams and will utilize four team GSL groups with all matches except the decider being best of one. The playoffs will be single elimination best of three.

Farmers win Saints Gaming Live

The prize pool distribution will look as follows:

1st. $3000
2nd. $1500
3rd-4th. $750

You can register for the tournament on the Midwest eSports website. On the list of teams already signed up, AZIO and FakeOut Nation appear, as well as Rogers State University.

abE's Money Crew win ESA Oakland

#1 el_jack0
4d 22h 18m
Thank you for writing an article! Some cool things are coming to this event and we hope to announce them very soon!
#2 bowman
4d 22h 17m
be there or be L7
#3 el_jack0
4d 22h 15m
You can also find more information at
#6 Freedom
4d 6h 23m
You can also find more beard.
#4 zach
4d 21h 51m
so in tokyo or tulsa?
#5 006_tv
4d 18h 56m
Csgo and anime, that’s a weird combination...
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