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abE's Money Crew win ESA Oakland
A narrow 2-0 victory saw abE & co. triumph over some of our very own Western Pro League hub members.
Written by: Nohte    June 4th 2018 11:03 pm    #EsportsArena #ESAOakland #EsportsArenaOakland #abE'sMoneyCrew #OverTheWeebs #Crystal Vision #KP_fps #abE #Fifflaren #pauLy #impsta #Firestar  

pauLy came back to play the semifinals in a hospital gown

Esports Arena's Oakland $2,500 LAN has come to a close, seeing abE's Money Crew taking home $1,250 alongside the title of ESA Oakland champions. 

ESA announce Oakland LAN with $2,500

Their grand finals bout saw them take on Over the Weebs, a lineup which featured some notable names from the Western Pro League hub in Blake "Firestar" Houston and Erik "KP" Lytle. Although the series was closed out by Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson and co. in two maps, Over the Weebs kept both maps close with 16-11 and 16-12 scorelines, showing potential as they look to claim victory in future events.

abE's Money Crew was forced to play 4vs5 early in the tournament, fighting right up until their semifinal bout against Crystal Vision where Paul "pauLy" Guerboyan made a triumphant return in a hospital gown after being hospitalized earlier in the day.

Crystal Vision, who fell to Abraham "abE" Fazli's squad upon pauLy's return, previously made headlines by defeating an Entourage mix at Esports Arena's Frag for First competition a week ago, taking home $4,000 with their grand finals win. Although they were unable to take two events in a row, they look to the future as more local LANs are on the horizon.

Crystal Vision win Esports Arena's Frag For First

The final standings for Esports Arena's first Oakland event are:

1. us abE's Money Crew - $1,250 (abE, Fifflaren, pauLy, impsta, BioticRain)
2. us Over the Weebs — $750 (KP, KatsUP, Firestar, Vince^, Bo_oM)
3. us Crystal Vision — $500 (ColeUP, battery, mr_tony, Aluminium, ExxTooSee)

#1 Firestar
2018-06-04 23:19
Cole is cute af
#2 Sukrami
2018-06-05 08:08
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