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OpTic gift compLexity a free pass in StarSeries Season 5 Qualifier
compLexity join NRG and Luminosity in the semifinals of the qualifier after OpTic unexpectedly forfeit.
Written by: devil    April 24th 2018 9:55 am    #StarLadder #StarSeriesi-LeagueSeason5 #compLexity #Luminosity #OpTic #Rogue #NRG #SwolePatrol #Renegades #eUnited  

compLexity got a pseudo-bye in the Starseries Closed Qualifier quarterfinals.

The first day of the Starseries i-League Season 5 Closed Qualifier ended with NRG, Luminosity, and by a touch of luck, compLexity, advancing to the semifinals.

Swole Patrol overpower Splyce to keep StarSeries hopes alive

NRG made quick work of Swole Patrol in just two maps. Their dominant 14-1 first half on  their T-side of Overpass led to an eventual 16-7 finish in map one. As the two transitioned over to Cache, Swole Patrol managed to compose themselves enough to take a slight 8-7 lead to start things off. Not to be outdone, NRG went on a nine round tear to close out the map and series 16-9.

StarSeries i-League Season 5 North America Qualifier
Best of three maps
2 - 0
Swole Patrol
de_overpass 16 - 7 de_overpass
de_cache 16 - 9 de_cache
de_inferno de_inferno

The clash between Luminosity and Rogue was a stark contrast from NRG's series, as it went the full three map distance. An empowered Rogue would set the tone by claiming Inferno in a straightforward 16-6 scoreline, but Luminosity quickly flipped the script.

The Brazilians made Mirage a mirror image of the prior map, though this time, in their favor 16-9. The final map of Overpass started with a balanced 7-8 half for Rogue, but unable to muster the same fervor from map one, they would eventually fall to their EPL brethren 10-16.

StarSeries i-League Season 5 North America Qualifier
Best of three maps
2 - 1
de_inferno 6 - 16 de_inferno
de_mirage 16 - 9 de_mirage
de_overpass 16 - 10 de_overpass

compLexity managed to claim their spot in the semifinals without even lifting a finger, as they were granted direct access to the deeper region of the bracket following OpTic's forfeit of their series.

No statements have been made by the organization as of yet, but it is suspected that imminent roster shifts within the team were the primary factor in their decision.

compLexity scale Splyce to top Starseries Group B

The final quarterfinal match in the Starseries Closed Qualifer will take place later today between Renegades and eUnited at 9:00 PM EDT. The remainder of the qualifier will be played out tomorrow, with the last team standing earning a spot at the upcoming event in Kiev.

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