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witmer and sancz run in to RONIN
After a period of inactivity, sancz and witmer have both returned to play in MDL Season 28.
Written by: Nohte    April 10th 2018 1:58 am    #ESEAMDLS27 #ESEAMDLS28 #RONIN #REZU #witmer #sancz #wrath #flowsicK #Xp3 #RIKO  

witmer returns on RONIN

Shawn "witmer" Taylor and Joshua "sancz" Ballenger have both returned from semi-retirement to play for RONIN in Season 28 of MDL, witmer announced on Twitter earlier today. This completes RONIN's roster following the departure of Stephen "reltuC" Cutler and Jeff "REZU" Ngo.

RONIN release REZU

Both sancz and witmer have seen little in the way of active play recently, with the former having not competed in an official match since August of last year. His last matches saw  his team Pnda finish in tenth place for MDL Season 25.

In the meantime, witmer has been a little more active, competing under the x1 Mob banner at Mad City: Chicago in February despite annoucing his retirement the week prior. He cited a lack of drive to play the game in a dedicated team environment despite having a passion for the game, claiming "I’m more of a free flowing, love for the game, more emotional [player] as opposed to logical."

witmer: "I'm not worried until finals, even though I have zero hours"

With the return of sancz and witmer, RONIN's roster is now:

  • fr David "Xp3" Garrido
  • us Dylan "RIKO" Sabin-Arnce
  • us Collin "wrath" McSweegan
  • us Joshua "sancz" Ballenger
  • us Shawn "witmer" Taylor
  • us Kyle "flowsicK" Mendez (Coach)

Guerilla Tactics release ESEA roster, witmer announces retirement

#1 shrek
2018-04-10 08:02
3 washed up players and 2 pro rejects take mdl by storm
#3 rustyjames
2018-04-10 08:12
xp3 was a decent igl and awperwhen he was on invite. he was nowhere near bottom table. got fucked because of the roster rules.

sancz was also always a subtop invite player. he made the choice to play premier.

flowsick is the definiton of a pro reject. he is a coach tho. and witmer never really played pro for a long time so it shouldnt count.
#4 shrek
2018-04-10 09:10
I’m very aware rustyjames u don’t need to tell me

I was referring to witmer sancz and xp3 as washed and wrath and Riko as pro rejects
#5 rustyjames
2018-04-10 09:15
thats why i said xp3 and sancz aint actually washed up.

wrath cool. riko is mediocre.
#6 shrek
2018-04-10 09:18
Xp3 and sancz are washed man

Sancz was good on nihilum, that was like 3 years ago now

Xp3 was good on wfx , also 3 years ago
#2 rustyjames
2018-04-10 08:02
im extremely hyped for sancz.
even tho he hasnt played for a long ass time and almost as old as i am.
#8 chaseR
2018-04-11 11:51
Yea aha, I know automatic thinks very highly of him
#9 rustyjames
2018-04-11 18:18
i believe his exact words were brainless aimer. i might be wrong tho.
#10 chaseR
2018-04-12 10:55
Yeah you are right, I zoned out during his interview with thorin, and I relistened to the interview and was like, “Ohhh wait” but yeah you are correct
#7 devil
2018-04-10 10:09
so much for retirement
#11 tweiss
2018-04-12 19:40
ownage roster, will be successful
#12 wayz
2018-04-14 14:08
Wrath will 100% be successful if he continues. Young player with bright future. And with this lineup gonna be sick
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