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MIBR best compLexity in London
2018-09-20 15:57  |  
Made in Brazil have won their quarter-final match against the North American underdogs compLexity 2-0 today in London. The first match was a quick one as the north american side got ran over 16-4 after only garnering 4 rounds on the CT side of Train. They fared slightly better in the second map as they managed to get triple their previous score on Inferno. The American-Brazilian powerhouse got off to a good start by winning the pistol after a questionable play by compLexity, as well as following that round win up with the anti-forcebuy on round 2. The American-Canadian-UK mix was quick to follow it up however, winning the first 2 gun rounds and the following eco which equalized the score. compLexity bounced back from their loss on Train quite well as they where able to end the half 8-7 after going up 8-4. The second half was just as back-and-forth, with compLexity winning their first pistol round of the series, making the score 11-7. compLexity were not able to maintain that lead for too long, as after a crucial failed anti-forcebuy from compLexity, put the game score at 12-14. From there the Brazilians were able to take it all the way and win the second map 16-12.
#1 Will
2018-09-20 15:59
ngl didnt really watch much of the second map
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