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Level: Hangaround
Nick: bowman
Comments: 57
Member since: 06-11-2017
Steam verified: Verified
User number: 597
1st @ KCGameOn 78 2k - lowrider, truls, exotic, junior
1st @ KCGameOn 77 $2k - lowrider, mce, truls, exotic
1st @ NovaStar $2k - nolimit, tigerz, twizzy, kellogg
2nd @ WichitaLAN $2k - lowrider, truls, hoppin, rickels
2nd @ KCGameOn 73 $2k - mce, tryhard, hoppin, rafool
5th-6th @ WichitaLAN $2k - jrf, pross, baze, trickz
3rd-4th @ SoPro $2k - jrf, pross, geise, shiggaman
3rd-4th @ KCGameOn 71 $2k - jrf, millipede, kellogg, pross
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2020-06-14 23:38

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