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The ‘Wonton’ Soup is good
Name: The Soup is good
Nick: Wonton
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I've been playing Counter-Strike ever since Christmas of 2015, and I've enjoyed it a ton, I'm gonna end up playing this game for a long time still.

I also enjoy other titles on Steam like Rocket League and GMOD, but I don't play them as often.

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2018-12-27 17:31
Woo! Glad this site is still around
Interesting choice of stand-in. Too bad Golden's health issues have persisted, would've loved to see how this roster could've done. Hope he can manage to still play Professionally in the future, or at least manage his health.
2017-12-18 18:59
How many hours do you have in the game right now? If you've just switched off of another one that you've used for a while, the change will feel very awkward and not right.

It may feel the same way if you are new to the game as well, as you aren't used to the game mechanics and the difference between different games.

Just try and use a sensitivity for a few days and see how it does under certain engagements.

See how well it works in long distance situations where you need smaller crosshair adjustments, close range when you need to aim quickly, movement around corners (if you know strafing and stuff), etc.

For me, when I was in Silver over 1000 hours ago, I played on 1000 DPI and like 5 sensitivity (5000 EDPI is absolutely ridiculous. I eventually lowered it down over time and now I found my perfect sensitivity of 1000 dpi and 1.3 sensitivity (1300 EDPI, much more reasonable). It took me a few months to find my perfect sens, and it still took a while to adjust for it, so just stick with one and see how it does in situations, and then change it to make it balanced for everything so you're an all-round player.

Hope this helped! :D