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Justin ‘NEXlevel_TV’ M
Name: Justin M
Level: Normal
Nick: NEXlevel_TV
Comments: 44
Member since: 08-12-2017
Steam verified: Verified
User number: 808

----- LAN Experience -----
JAVA May '18 w think[] (1st - ESL Show Match)
MADCITY GG Mar '18 w Fam143 (16-32nd)
JAVA Jan '18 w Booty Duty (1st - $1875)
Esports Legends Qualifier LAN Jan '18 w Blackwood (3rd - $750)
Java Gaming Cafe Sep '17 w AZIO (5/6th)
Tokyo in Tulsa July '17 w Birth Cheese (2nd)
Java Gaming Cafe May '17 w Kvn's Disciples (2nd)
Java Gaming Cafe May '17 1v1 (4th)
LAN ETS Feb '17 w SlashLEVEL (5th/6th)
RTZ team Sep '16 w NT eSports (2nd)
CerusATX Jun '16 w PUG (3rd)
RTZ lockin draft Mar '16 w PUG (5th)
RTZ on Set Feb '16 w BxA (4th)
SGL#2 Jan '16 w esp (1st)
Whichita Expo Nov '15 w Godrez (1st)
RTZ Nov '15 w Smart Play (4th)
SGL Oct '15 w (1st)
EGL Sep '15 w Smart Play (9th-16th)
DZ Comics Sep -15 w / Glo (2nd)
Wichita LAN 29 w Smart Play (2nd)
EGL July '15 w Texas Renegades (9th to 16th place)
EGL Draft June '15 (3rd/4th)
EGL May '15 w MiSo Soupy (9th to 16th place)
EGL March '15 w MoM (5th to 8th place)

----- Online Experience -----
ESEAm s27 w Fam143 (12-4) - (4-1 2nd - $2000)
CEVOm WS2018 w Fam143 (7-9) - 17th
Esports Legends Qualifier w Blackwood (4-0) - top 4
ESEAm s26 w Blackwood (12-4) - (1-1) 9-16th
ESEAm s26 w Sizzle (3-3) - cut
CEVOim s13 w Sizzle (10-1) - cut
ESEAm s25 w Mentality Esports (11-5) - (0-1 playoffs) 17th-32nd
ESEAim s25 w Sizzle (1-1) - left
ESEA s25 preseason Tournament w Sizzle 1st
ESEAm s24 w aEther (3-3) - left
ESEAim s24 w SlashLEVEL (6-4) - separated
ESEAo s23 w SlashLEVEL (11-5) - (4-1 playoffs) 9th
ESEAm s22 w Massacre (0-2) - Just finished the season
ESEAim s22 w NSG (7-9) - Team died
CEVOm s10 w NSG (6-10) - Team died
ESEAo s21 w Unknown (13-3) 0-1 playoffs - left
ESEAim s21 w BxA (4-3) - left
CEVOm s9 w BxA (8-2) - left
ESEA-o s20 w Smart Play (10-6)
CEVO-m s8 w Smart Play (3-13)
CEVO-im s7 w Byte Gaming (12-4) - died (0-2 playoffs)
ESEA-o s19 w Byte Gaming (11-5) - died
CEVO-f s6 w VAG (7-1) - separated
ESEA-o s18 w VAG (8-1) - separated
ESEA-o s17 w Enemy Spotted (7-9)
Latests activity
I made all of these changes on the roster after trying to play with the new projected team one night. Decided to give Sib the roster since it was originally his and wished him gl.
woah woah woah I am helping this team as a coach and cjb is there awper. He had finals so he couldn't play. EZ turbo, EZ.