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Justin ‘NEXlevel_TV’ M
Name: Justin M
Level: Normal
Nick: NEXlevel_TV
Comments: 41
Member since: 08-12-2017
Steam verified: Verified
User number: 808

----- LAN Experience -----
JAVA May '18 w think[] (1st - ESL Show Match)
MADCITY GG Mar '18 w Fam143 (16-32nd)
JAVA Jan '18 w Booty Duty (1st - $1875)
Esports Legends Qualifier LAN Jan '18 w Blackwood (3rd - $750)
Java Gaming Cafe Sep '17 w AZIO (5/6th)
Tokyo in Tulsa July '17 w Birth Cheese (2nd)
Java Gaming Cafe May '17 w Kvn's Disciples (2nd)
Java Gaming Cafe May '17 1v1 (4th)
LAN ETS Feb '17 w SlashLEVEL (5th/6th)
RTZ team Sep '16 w NT eSports (2nd)
CerusATX Jun '16 w PUG (3rd)
RTZ lockin draft Mar '16 w PUG (5th)
RTZ on Set Feb '16 w BxA (4th)
SGL#2 Jan '16 w esp (1st)
Whichita Expo Nov '15 w Godrez (1st)
RTZ Nov '15 w Smart Play (4th)
SGL Oct '15 w (1st)
EGL Sep '15 w Smart Play (9th-16th)
DZ Comics Sep -15 w / Glo (2nd)
Wichita LAN 29 w Smart Play (2nd)
EGL July '15 w Texas Renegades (9th to 16th place)
EGL Draft June '15 (3rd/4th)
EGL May '15 w MiSo Soupy (9th to 16th place)
EGL March '15 w MoM (5th to 8th place)

----- Online Experience -----
ESEAm s27 w Fam143 (12-4) - (4-1 2nd - $2000)
CEVOm WS2018 w Fam143 (7-9) - 17th
Esports Legends Qualifier w Blackwood (4-0) - top 4
ESEAm s26 w Blackwood (12-4) - (1-1) 9-16th
ESEAm s26 w Sizzle (3-3) - cut
CEVOim s13 w Sizzle (10-1) - cut
ESEAm s25 w Mentality Esports (11-5) - (0-1 playoffs) 17th-32nd
ESEAim s25 w Sizzle (1-1) - left
ESEA s25 preseason Tournament w Sizzle 1st
ESEAm s24 w aEther (3-3) - left
ESEAim s24 w SlashLEVEL (6-4) - separated
ESEAo s23 w SlashLEVEL (11-5) - (4-1 playoffs) 9th
ESEAm s22 w Massacre (0-2) - Just finished the season
ESEAim s22 w NSG (7-9) - Team died
CEVOm s10 w NSG (6-10) - Team died
ESEAo s21 w Unknown (13-3) 0-1 playoffs - left
ESEAim s21 w BxA (4-3) - left
CEVOm s9 w BxA (8-2) - left
ESEA-o s20 w Smart Play (10-6)
CEVO-m s8 w Smart Play (3-13)
CEVO-im s7 w Byte Gaming (12-4) - died (0-2 playoffs)
ESEA-o s19 w Byte Gaming (11-5) - died
CEVO-f s6 w VAG (7-1) - separated
ESEA-o s18 w VAG (8-1) - separated
ESEA-o s17 w Enemy Spotted (7-9)
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If you have any questions feel free to contact me as well! My information is in the google doc :)
OHHH SHIT! Time to update. Fam143 in the upper bracket baby :)
Zclan to win it all! catgirl the next s1mple