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Jeffrey ‘Mnmzzz’
Name: Jeffrey
Level: Normal
Nick: Mnmzzz
Comments: 48
Member since: 05-12-2017
Steam verified: Verified
User number: 804
Hello, welcome to my account. I am a recently new editor with and a longtime editor with Liquipedia. I'm really passionate about CS:GO and happy to be working to promote a region I care about deeply.

If anyone wants to follow me on Twitter:

Latests activity
So in MDL, ATK and New Identity will be handed forfeits for all their matches played thusfar. As for the Singularity roster with Hydrex and Shakezullah, they will play under the temp name Ben's Anime Team with ben1337.
Not a great format, but its always cool to see teams on LAN that might not make it otherwise.
Nah, DAVEY told me he was going to play with them on-and-off when he is available. Its a fun roster like Old Guys Club.