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Blake ‘Baltybaby’ Evans
Name: Blake Evans
Level: Normal
Nick: Baltybaby
Comments: 24
Member since: 13-01-2018
Steam verified: Verified
User number: 880
Old Stuff:
-NA Coverage Team Member @ HLTV
-Spreadsheet Prediction Master (Predicted over 1700+ Games: 70.5%)
-Freelance Caster of Low League ESEA (Open-Main)

Current Stuff:
-Host of the Premier Podcast (Set to Return in Season 29)
-Current Commissioner of the MDL Fantasy League
-Writer on this platform
-Co-Host of N3rdStGamers Podcast: Drop Room

Twitter: @Baltybaby
Latests activity
2018-08-13 22:44
Every Monday at 6pm EST till 7
2018-03-20 22:25
Who has the hammer icon though?