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peacemaker responds to "power hungry" comments from FugLy
An interview detailing the career of FugLy and his time with peacemaker on NRG had the coach firing back.
Written by: devil    March 12th 2018 11:00 am    #FugLy #peacemaker #Liquid #Heroic #NRG #Bartek #izaktv #freakazoid #roca #EchoFox #daps #ptr #Brehze  

FugLy and NRG currently sit as the #1 ranked team in ESL Pro League.

In a recently published interview with Jacob "FugLy" Medina on by Bartek Lorenc, the player went into detail regarding the events that led to coach Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu being removed from the organization shortly after signing on with NRG as General Manager.

peacemaker was power hungry and wanted full control over the roster. He was trying to pick up players like roca and freakazoid (Echo Fox at the time) and cut everyone else. He would occasionally talk to me about lineups with me included in the lineup but I already knew I was never going to be a part of his “vision”.

I’m happy NRG chose to side with daps’ vision of a roster which was me, daps, Brehze, ptr/Nifty, and a 5th which we cycled through a bunch. This is why he was promptly cut from the team.

NRG bring in Immi as coach

After hearing of his mention in the interview, peacemaker went to Twitter to and snarkily explained that he was ordered by management to rebuild the whole roster:

peacemaker has since built a reputation for himself as somewhat of a "team killer" in many people's eyes. After a three month stint with Tempo Storm (currently Nao Tem Como), he signed on with Liquid where he would end up butting heads with members of the roster.

He went on to coach OpTiC for a single month with no results, followed by Misfits and TyLoo, with both teams seeing similar lackluster results. peacemaker has now been with Heroic for approximately five months and helped lead them to a fourth place finish at cs_summit 2.

TyLoo to miss Major; Flash likely replacement

#1 nguyen
5d 22h 7m
Get this rat out of csgo lmfao guy is a team killer there's a reason he can't come back to NA.
#2 CS_CeeJ
5d 21h 26m
it just keeps getting juicier
#3 sotz
5d 21h 0m
ooh Drama
#4 el_jack0
5d 18h 5m
Damn spicy 🌮
#5 parks2214
5d 14h 44m
Peacemaker as a name is ironic
#6 rustyjames
5d 4h 26m
blocked me on twitter. pussy.
#7 tolkienfanatic
4d 21h 26m
We are brothers
#8 rustyjames
4d 7h 7m
damn. no reespect for the free press.
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