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EPL Week 2 recap
ESL Pro League continues in week 2 with NRG leading the pack.
Written by: devil    March 12th 2018 5:50 pm    #EPL #ESLProLeague #Rogue #Splyce #Renegades #compLexity #Luminosity #SK #Cloud9 #Liquid #OpTic #NRG #Dignitas #Ghost  

Week two of ESL Pro League came to a close with NRG maintaining a decisive lead in the standings once all was said and done. The rivalry between Cloud9 and Liquid raged on, SK either lost or forfeit all of their matches as they traveled to Germany to bootcamp for WESG, and OpTiC continued to find their footing with their revitalized roster.

SK forfeit ESL Pro League game against Liquid

The recent Major Champions Cloud9 have been in somewhat of a slump as of late, falling yet again to Liquid 2-0 this week after repeated losses to them at cs_summit 2 and IEM Katowice. They were able to trade maps with OpTiC this week but still sit at a meager 2-4 record thus far in EPL.

Looking forward to week three, Ghost and Dignitas hope to finally put some points on the board as they both sit at 0-4 records. Meanwhile, Liquid will be tested by the Australians of Renegades who have been in good form as of late.

Rogue appear on Copenhagen Games participants list

Week 3 matches to keep an eye out for can be found below:

Matchup Date Time
Liquid vs. Dignitas March 13th 9:20 PM EST
Rogue vs. Luminosity March 14th 7:00 PM EST
Renegades vs. Liquid March 15th 7:00 PM EST
OpTiC vs. Ghost March 15th 9:20 PM EST

Below you can find the current standings for EPL after the completion of week two:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 us NRG 6 6 0 +53 18
 br Luminosity 8 5 3 +20 15
 nam Liquid 4 4 0 +44 12
 dk OpTiC 6 4 2 +11 12
 us Rogue 8 4 4 -6 12
 au Renegades 4 3 1 +21 9
 us Splyce 6 3 3 -6 9
 nam compLexity 8 3 5 0 9
 us Cloud9 6 2 4 -10 6
 br SK 8 2 6 -56 6
 us Dignitas 4 0 4 -33 0
 ca Ghost 4 0 4 -38 0

ESL announce Pro League Finals slot distribution

#1 parks2214
2018-03-12 18:11
I wonder if Renegades will go the the Oceania region again because of the pro league there.
#2 tolkienfanatic
2018-03-12 18:40
I think that is unlikely
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