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compLexity signs s0m as a streamer
The 15-year old joins the organization on a streaming contract before he is able to play in the ESL Pro League
Written by: DuckMoriarty    February 21st 2018 5:26 pm    #compLexity #s0m  

Talented youngseer Sam "s0m" Oh has been signed by compLexity as a streamer, the organization has announced. At 15 years old, he is currently too young to compete in tournaments such as the ESL Pro League.

With compLexity moving s0m into their "Stream Team" this seemingly lines the youngster up for a move into the main team once he comes of age. s0m competed in MDL last season as part of the Naventic roster, before stepping down in November.

s0m steps down from Naventic

Since then he has been teamless, whilst also blocked from competing in MDL this season due to the new age regulations. He has however been active in Rank S, placing top 10 numerous times since then.

#1 xelAs
2018-02-21 17:37
smart from complexity, can call him up later or sell him once he's 16. Someone's bound to take a chance on him, like they did other 10 man/FPL/Rank S beasts.
#2 tdoytchev
2018-02-22 00:03
#3 madcow
2018-02-22 18:34
Smart move from coL.
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