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CLG Red make ProMise9k official
This pick up has a lot of... promise.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    February 12th 2018 7:31 pm    #CLGRed #potter #ProMise9k #IntelChallengeKatowice2018 #WESG2017 #silhouette #ESEAMS27 #MostlyHarmless  

di and CLG Red have formally added their new fifth

CLG have announced the addition of Lily "ProMise9k" Chen to their squad. The move comes as no surprise, as ProMise9k has been playing with the team since the departure of Christine "potter" Chi.

potter out of CLG Red

Before joining up with CLG Red, ProMise9k was a member of the all-female side silhouette, who participated in last year's iterations of the Intel Challenge Katowice and Copenhagen Games.

With ProMise9k now an official member of the squad, CLG Red are:

  • us Diane "di^" Tran
  • us Benita "bENITA" Novshadian
  • us Jennifer "refinnej" Le
  • us Emma "Emy" Choe
  • us Lily "ProMise9k" Chen
  • us Cody "cubed" Thaw (Coach)

With ProMise9k already in tow, the team has already managed to qualify for Intel Challenge Katowice 2018, set to take place later this month. The team also currently boasts a 5-1 record in ESEA Main, with their one loss coming to demoted MDL side Mostly Harmless.

Unfortunately, it has not been all good news for the formulation, as the squad also failed in their effort to qualify for the WESG 2017 World Finals.  The team fell short to former teammate Stephanie "missharvey" Harvey's Those Damn Canadians in the qualifier, which after being moved online only yielded one spot to the main event.

SK and Those Damn Canadians top WESG North America Regionals

CLG Red qualify for Intel Challenge Katowice 2018

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