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eRa are your Mad City CHI CS:GO Open Online victors
The 32 team online tournament has finally concluded as eRa narrowly takes out Mask Off in the Grand Finals of the Mad City CHI CS:GO Open Online.
Written by: devil    February 12th 2018 10:30 am    #MadCity #MadCityCHIOpen #eRa #MaskOff #tyfoon #Vanity #GRAMPZ #Hydrex #tweiss #SPERMY #phantom #ben1337 #tabz #tw1ggy  

eRa never fell from the upper bracket for the entire duration of the Mad City tournament.

After several weeks of matches in the double-elimination online bonanza, the Mad City CHI CS:GO Open Online has finally come to a close with eRa as your champions. This victory comes with not only a $1750 purse for eRa, but also free entry into the Mad City 10k LAN that will held in March.

eRa made waves in this tournament by knocking fellow MDL teams Iceberg and BlackOut to the lower bracket. Their final series in the tournament came down to the wire as Mask Off took the early map lead with a dominant victory on Train. eRa would then make the reverse sweep dream a reality as they barely edged out their opponents in two consecutive 16-14 wins on both Nuke and Train.

ESEA MDL Week 2 Recap

The top three placings and their prize distribution can be found below:

1. us eRa - $1750 in travel reimbursements + free entry to the 10k CHI CS:GO Open
2. us Mask Off - $1000 in travel reimbursements + free entry to the 10k CHI CS:GO Open
3. us PUGLIFE - free entry to the 10k CHI CS:GO Open

The Mad City 10k CHI CS:GO Open LAN will take place at The Mega Center at Pheasant Run Resort in St Charles, IL from March 9th-11th where 32 teams will duke it out for a piece of the $10,000 prize pool.

tabz out of eRa; SIDOF to step in

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Ez 4 spermy
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