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Doral Flamingos drop team, players to return to South America
The mainly Argentenian squad will no longer compete in the United States.
Written by: CarbonDogma    February 11th 2018 4:30 pm    #DoralFlamingos #MiamiFlamingos #Reversive #otto #alexze #Minimal #FiReMaNNN #Rew4z  

FiReMaNNN will assemble a new Texa- I mean Chilean team

As announced by the team's coach on Twitter, the players of Doral Flamingos will no longer be playing in North America. Along with the organization dropping the squad, it is likely that all the players will go their separate ways. The single Chilean player Javier "FiReMaNNN" Collado announced on his Facebook that he would work to create a new Chilean team to compete in South America.

The other four Argentenian players and coach likely will not stick together either, with Alejandro "otto" Mendive likely returning to retirement. While under the Miami/Doral Flamingos banner, this squad played in two qualifiers for the Americas Minor and DreamHack Winter last year. They made the closed qualifier for DreamHack, but fell to Ghost in the round of 16.

Straka joins No Tenemos Nada

The other notable Argentenian team No Tenemos Nada, were also recently left without an organization and left in Argentina, which saw them drop Mexican player Edgar "MarKE" Jimenez for fellow Argentenian Nahuel "Straka" Vazquez from Isurus.

This was Doral Flamingo's last roster:

  • ar Roberto "Reversive" Themtham
  • ar Alejandro "otto" Mendive
  • cl Javier "FiReMaNNN" Collado
  • ar Alejandro "alexze" Marinelli
  • ar Facundo "Minimal" Pereyra
  • ar Hugo "Rew4z" Cáceres (Coach)
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