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AZIO add Mauisnake
The self-described caster/analyst/in-game leader/content creator will step up to the MDL level for the first time.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    January 20th 2018 7:30 pm    #AZIO #ESEAMDLS27 #ESEAIMS26 #Mauisnake #lowrider #Thorin  

The Season 26 IM champions AZIO have bolstered their roster by bringing in in-game leader Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg for Chase "lowrider" Releford. The 24-year-old spent the majority of last season in Main with Enter, who finished a respectable 5-8th in the league.

AZIO's roster is now:

  • us Jordan "tryhard" Trabue
  • us Dave "seziwana" Schrage
  • us Jack "JackZ" Zaruba
  • us Brock "brawk" Somerhalder
  • us Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg
  • us Bilal "SPAMMER" Ali (Coach)

The move up to MDL is no small step on its own, but Mauisnake will have to balance it in addition to his content creation and role as research assistant for Duncan "Thorin" Shields.

AZIO win ESEA Intermediate

#1 Frost
2018-01-20 20:38
Mauisnake<3 Just made this team alot better
#2 Aanszo
2018-01-20 20:47
Not so fast man he's just a main igl, he'll need to get way better and fast to do well in mdl. Post match analysis is a lot easier than in game leading. I hope he does well though.
#3 sonefiler
2018-01-20 21:42
Good to see him on a MDL team! He will have to work hard to adapt to the new high level of play, and he will probably have to move to continental US... I think at this point the Hawaii ping is going to seriously hinder him
#8 tolkienfanatic
2018-01-21 09:58
In speaking with JackZ, the plan is for the team to get a teamhouse near where brawk lives, and Maui will live there.
#9 shrek
2018-01-22 08:47
Can you ask if they’re hiring shitposters
#4 el_jack0
2018-01-21 00:15
ez for the boys. I love brawk and jack ryan.

also tryhard too. sometimes even sezi
#5 bowman
2018-01-21 00:35
no lowrider? no thanks
#6 fows
2018-01-21 02:03
good pickup
#7 blind512
2018-01-21 03:13
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