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$50k iBUYPOWER Mythic Masters Announced
The majority of North America's top teams will be in attendance for one of the year's largest online events.
Written by: Mnmzzz    November 4th 2021 11:50 pm    #Mythic #iBUYPOWER #BadNewsBears #EvilGeniuses #ExtraSalt #Liquid #MIBR #oNe #PartyAstronauts #RBG #tarik  

Mythic and iBUYPOWER have announced iBUYPOWER Mythic Masters, an eight-team online event that will see North America's best teams battle for the lions' share of a $50,000 prizepool.

The event is set to run from November 11th-14th and has seven invited team and one team that will qualify from an open qualifier on November 8th-9th.

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This announcement marks iBUYPOWER's return to sponsoring CS:GO events, as their last event, iBUYPOWER Masters IV, was nearly three years ago. That event notably marked the beginning of Liquid's era as they notched their first win against Astralis. Unfortunately, despite the initial announcement, Liquid have elected to skip this event, Erik "fl0m" Flom revealed to In their place RBG have rounded out the invites. 

One more interesting wrinkle is that despite Evil Geniuses being on the invite list, it will not feature the organization's lineup, and will instead be a content team set up by benched Evil Geniuses' member Tarik "tarik" Celik. 

The team list for iBUYPOWER Mythic Masters Winter is currently:

us Bad News Bears nam Evil Geniuses
nam Extra Salt br MIBR
br oNe us Party Astronauts
us RBG nam Open Qualifier

As previously mentioned, the open qualifier is set to start next week on November 8th. Interested teams can sign up here. Some of the notable teams already signed up include Northern Forces, ATK, and Brazen.

Unfortunately, the event is set to conflict with Fragadelphia's first Major $10k event in Philadelphia, which is set to run from November 13th-14th. 

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#1 JAM-
2021-11-05 02:09
notable… but then puts brazen that’s bias
#2 Mnmzzz
2021-11-05 19:44
Gotta rep the former writers 😤
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