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Verum add nooz as Xzen looks to reclaim Premier spot with Big Chillin in chaotic end to Relegation
ESL's mismanagement of their league in the offseason has created a messy situation for many teams.
Written by: Mnmzzz    October 30th 2021 10:32 pm    #ESEAPremierS39 #Millz #Scottiyio #chew #PNDLM #nooz #Xzen #Myhic #ESL #Verum  

Verum have added Nelvin "nooz" Gonzalez to their lineup as a replacement for Devin "Xzen" Barber due to the latter player looking to reclaim his Premier spot with Big Chillin. The Venezuelan player previously played in Open and Advanced with South American squad Skullcracker while living in North America.

Verum round out roster with Xzen

Verum began their search for a replacement for Xzen because of a messy situation created by ESL just days before the start of ESEA Premier Season 39. Due to Bad News Bears, oNe, and Party Astronauts all electing to play this season, ESL needed to find an eighteenth team to even out the division.

Verum are now:

  • us Michael "Millz" Millsaps
  • us Scott "Scottiyio" Baker
  • ca Brian "chew" Mao
  • ca Darius "PNDLM" Bandali
  • ve Nelvin "nooz" Gonzalez

However, as ESL failed to confirm the teams' intentions in a timely fashion, they decided to never notify Big Chillin or Mythic that there was a potential of being able to retain their Premier spots through a fifth-place decider in Relegation. As a result of this oversight, Mythic and Big Chillin both disbanded last week and did not intend on playing Advanced with their former cores.

Big Chillin disband

When the news broke this week that there would be an opportunity to try and reclaim their Premier spot, Big Chillin and Xzen decided to come together to play while also intending on making roster changes should they make their way into ESEA Premier Season 39. Mythic elected to do similarly although it is currently unknown if Erik "fl0m" Flom would take lead of the lineup or give it to one of his former teammates.

However, due to the lack of communication and planning by ESL the teams may be unable to play this series after all due to the short amount of time before ESEA Premier Season 39 starts on November 2nd. has seen messages sent by the ESL team that expected both squads be willing to play this series on October 28th despite the fact that they gave less than 48 hours warning that all ten players would need to be ready on Thursday.

This plan immediately fell apart for obvious reasons as some of the players had Advanced commitments, personal commitments, or were otherwise unavailable. Additionally, due to Fragadelphia 16: North Brunswick being played this weekend, Bradley "Slugy" Kohler, Johnny "JDubs" Wu, Devin "Xzen" Barber, Matt "dvl" Buechel, Damian "droid" Boulware, and Alex "heaty" G. are all unavailable this weekend.

Mythic future uncertain as JoJo, Slugy leave team; fl0m and JDubs weigh future plans knows that the current plan is to try and play the series on Monday or during the first week of the regular season, with all matches involving Mythic or Big Chillin being moved to later in the season.  This situation is far from ideal as it punishes other teams in Premier who will have to play closer to the holiday season and will have their rosters locked while presumably Mythic/Big Chillin will be free to re-tool their lineups. has reached out to ESL to confirm their plans but have not heard back at the time of publication. 

Eros sign ex-GGPR; freshie completes lineup

#1 parks2214
2021-10-30 23:01
When I'm ESL
#2 Noot_CS
2021-10-30 23:07
This all makes a lot of sense and totally isnt fucking anybody over at all!
#3 gangstaBacon
2021-10-30 23:15
Making it up as they go.
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