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Report: ATK to replace GODSENT in ESEA Premier Season 39
GODSENT will miss out on Premier after electing to finish the year in Europe.
Written by: Mnmzzz    October 14th 2021 9:01 pm    #ESEAPremierS39 #ATK #GODSENT #sprayxd #Valors #motm #bLazE #MisteM #Fadey #mango has confirmed with sources close to the situation that GODSENT have elected to opt out of playing ESEA Premier Season 39 as they plan on finishing the year in Europe.

As a result, ATK have been called up to ESEA Premier Season 39 while Valors is set to now play ESEA Premier Season 38 Relegation as the next eligible squad from ESEA Advanced Season 38 playoffs.

GODSENT win ESEA Advanced with 3-0 sweep of ATK

GODSENT qualified to ESEA Premier Season 39 after a flawless Advanced season that saw them take down ATK 3-0 in the finals. Despite this, GODSENT are set to finish the year in Europe following PGL Stockholm 2021.

While their decision deprives the division of the top 30 squad, it presents an opportunity for another North American lineup to make their way into Premier as  Valors are now set to fight for a spot.

Davenport University wins ESEA Main over Peeker's Advantage

As a result of this change, ESEA have changed the Relegation bracket although they are yet to publicly confirm ATK's promotion.

The ESEA Premier Season 38 Relegation bracket now looks as follows:

us Mythic vs. ca Valors
us Big Chillin vs. us Detonate
us Third Impact vs. us Northern Forces
us Synthetic  vs. us Eros reached out to ESEA and ESL for comment but did not recieve a reply at the time of publication.

Third Impact set to field becker in ESEA Premier Season 38 Relegation

#1 B0b3rT
2021-10-15 13:34
Let’s go great for atk! Godsent will easily make it next season
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